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Holiday Shopping Guide for Nurses – 2021

2020 is almost at the end and another new year is coming is coming up, which means another whole year of preparation! We all know how busy the nurses are so it becomes tough for them to maintain proper human interaction with everyone, so we’ve put together a shopping guide for nurses, a shopping guide to be exact because we know how daunting choosing gifts can be.

Since every year is full of festivals and holidays, this comprehensive list will provide necessary details of what to give to whom. We’ve divided the list into three categories to make it easier – teens, adults, & elders. So here the Holiday Shopping Guide for Nurses – 2021. We are not including the price since the price is ever changing in times of holidays or festivals.

Pre-teens, teens & Tweens

1. Board games
Board games such as monopoly, chess, dungeons & dragons etc. are extremely popular among the teens. Since the 18th century where there was no TV or computer for entertainment, kids or teens have relied on board games and till this day board games have held up to their popularity and excitement. There are various kinds of board games of different genre, monopoly for those who loves dealing with money or chess who loves to play strategically and even Dungeons & Dragons for fantasy! Other notable board games – “Pandemic” “Codenames’ “Escape the Room Stargazer’s Manor Board Game” “Potion Explosion Board Game”.

2. Password Journal
A password-protected journal or a diary is a useful gift for teens. At this age, teens tend to keep secrets or some things just to themselves so if you think about it a password journal can be a thoughtful gift.

3. Scientific Explorer 0SA247 Magic Science Kit (Science Kit)
Teens this age are very curios and loves to experiment so why not gift them many hours of magical activities with this Magic Science Kit. The gift is perfect for those loves to experiment!

4. Portable Charger/ Power Bank
Gadgets or devices are great giveaway these holidays and it’s no secret that there’s none who doesn’t prefer a gadget and you can’t go wrong with this gift. Power banks or portable chargers are extremely handy and useful especially in times of travelling or long journey.

5. Livescribe Echo Smart Pen
Imagine a pen that never forgets what you write? Sounds cool, doesn’t it?!
Oh wait it can record your voice too! The perfect memory pen that digitizes your entire lecture session, it can be easily accessed from a PC or any computer. Now this is what you call a SMART pen. This innovative writing device easily records your whole experience in a session, workshop, seminar or your typical class lectures. Furthermore, the device has a search option which lets you search for any specific keyword. A really useful device for the students.

Adults (Parents/relatives/husband/wife/siblings etc.)

shopping guide for nurse

1. Old Shanghai Women’s Kimono Robe – Peacock & Blossoms.
A very unique and thoughtful gift. These robes from old shanghai are extremely soft and comfortable to wear around the house. These robes give off an odd aesthetic feeling and it looks stylish as well.

2. Kindle.
The perfect for someone who loves to read and you can never go wrong with it!
Kindle is one of the best leisure time companions; you can download any novels, books, journals, and newspapers you want. Kindle has the largest variety of novels and storybooks out there. The kindle paper white version has long lasting battery life and the screen has the ability to wear off screen glare making it comfortable for the eyes.

3. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch.
A watch that has the ability to track your steps, distance walked, calories burned, heart rate and even the flights of stairs you have climbed. It also reviews on your
sleep, if you’re having a dysfunctional sleep routine these watch will help you set a routine. Those who are deprived of sleep can always rely on this watch.

4. Vintage Retro Leather Cover Notebook Journal Blank String Nautical (7Inchesx5Inches)
A chic looking bag which gives off an antique vibe, the pages are all tan white, someone who is into collecting old stuff then this is the perfect gift. This comes with a very affordable price; always keep a tab on amazon to see the ups and downs of the price.

5. Starbucks Gift Card
This gift doesn’t require much explanation, the name says it all.
The most perfect gift for a coffee addict.

The Elders

1. 101 Fun Things to do in Retirement: An Irreverent, Outrageous & Funny Guide to Life after Work
Well there’s not much to do when you’re old isn’t it?! You can gift them this creative and hilarious guide, the books is all about how to enjoy your retirement in various ways.

2. off the Beaten Path: A Travel Guide to More Than 1000 Scenic and Interesting Places Still Uncrowned and Inviting
If you want your grandma to travel then why not give this book full of info and pictures about various scenic places of the world and get them interested!

3. Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control
Well its nothing new to get lazy when you’re old, besides most elders have trouble moving due to weakness or disease. This gift might sound boring but it is actually a very useful gift. This universal remote is a very practical and functional gift and can control pretty much everything. This is the number 1 bestseller in Universal Remotes of all time.

4. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of DE cluttering and organizing.
Another book in the list. This is the number 1 bestseller in Home Cleaning & Caretaking. The book is known to have captured basic concept of sparking joy.

5. Willow Tree Grandmother Keepsake Box
A really heartwarming gift. A beautifully carved wooden willow which says “Love that transcends the years” inside.

6. Carved Pocket compass
Made from fine pewter, this handcrafted compass can be a heartwarming gift for your grandma or grandpa who lives far away from you.


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