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7 Best Meditation Apps for Stressed Nurses

A stressed mind functions worse than a stressed body, the exhaustion that comes from the mind slows down an individual far worse than we think, if we can’t think properly nothing will function efficiently, not our body or the work we do. To work at 100%, the mind should be kept always fresh and calm but due to workload and many other possibilities; meditation apps is an amazing way to keep your mind fresh, it works like a tonic, Research has shown that meditation reduces stress, anxiety, depression, improves sleep cycle and lowers blood pressure and also improves physical health condition such as heart condition, asthma, sleep dysfunction, insomnia, body ache, etc.

Nursing is a job with immense stress and unimaginable workload; it’s easy to get fatigued and stressed out; the best possible way to relieve stress would be to go on a vacation but considering the job, it is close to impossible to go on a vacation if it’s not holiday season, this is where meditation comes. The best thing about meditation is that it can be done anywhere and anytime and considering the tight schedule of a nurse,

It becomes very helpful. With practice, you can go on meditation mode while taking a walk, riding the bus, while waiting for your patient, or even in the middle of a busy shift. To make meditation easier, several android/ios apps were created and out of those some of the apps stood out and can assist with meditation. Below is a best possible compiled list of meditation apps.

1. Calm

Platform: android and ios

The name says it all, the experience the app provides is equivalent to its name. The app opens with soothing tunes and sounds of nature and life; it’ll definitely calm your heart. Imagine you’re having a tough day but then you open the app and sound of drizzling rain keeps calming your heart. Instead of taking unnecessary approach, Calm instead contains guidance like ‘Concentrate on your body’”.

The interface of this app is very convenient and the app is very easy to use Calm has variety of features for example, breathe pacing, relax the mind and guided meditation sessions. The premium version of this app is paid but the free version has varieties of contents that are equally helpful.

2. Headspace

Meditation Apps

Platform: android and ios

This app was originally founded by a Buddhist monk, this is the perfect app to those who wants to start meditation or is a beginner. The app provides 10-day free starter sessions of just 10 minutes a day, and costs $12.95 a month after.

This is a clever way to approach the beginners. The beginners find this app extremely convenient and easy to use. The app helps you set reminders of meditation and helps you build a habit of meditation, and the best part of the app is that it can also be used with a partner to team up while going through the various exercises.

3. Buddhify 

Platform: android and ios

This is one of the diverse apps in the list, with more than 50 million of meditation time present in the app. The app is convenient, the app is fun and it’s just very simple to use. You can even save your favorite tunes and tracks in the playlist section of the app. The app primarily focuses on making you more aware of your surroundings like when you’re eating, it advices you to carefully pay attention to how your food tastes; or when you’re taking a walk. This app costs only about $2.99-4.99.

4. Insight Timer

Platform: android and ios

This app also is as diverse as it gets, you can pick your own meditation by genre, topic, guide, length- anything from 1 minute to several hours. If you like any meditation tunes or tracks or exercises, you can bookmark it for later use.
The app is fully free and has a nice user interface; the app contains contents from experts and psychologists around the world. The app offers Guided visualization or meditation, you can customize it however you want by length that is comfortable to you. The app contains thousands of soothing and charming tunes that can easily waver your heart or calm it down.

5. The Mindfulness app

Platform: android and ios

The mindfulness app provides you with a soothing experience of a series of silent medication and guided visualization. The app gives you constant notifications to aware you of your meditation and surroundings; the app also has an option called ‘guided body scan’, what it basically does is scans your whole body and provides you information about your body like monitoring your heart rate or your pulse rate, and these are all just the free version services, there is so much more in the app’s premium library. You can either pay to get an unlimited access to all of its tracks per month or just pay for a single track, whichever you like.

6. Omvana

Meditation Apps

Platform: iOS and Android

This meditation app was voted #1in over 30 different countries! It was in the top spot for a long time, this app is a bit different than the others; the interface is unique and it is easily accessible from all kinds of browser, the user friendly experience made this app rank really high, the app offers you to create or mix your own tracks as in like customizing your own meditation tunes.

It does also have a pre-made meditation tunes, another different thing about this app is that you can mix inspirational speeches with meditation tracks and make it even more soothing or empowering. You can also create your own personal meditation track by using your own voice, you can add soothing music and make it even more charming.

7. Code Happy

Platform: iOS and android

Even though this app isn’t entirely a medication app but it is still extremely helpful for stressed nurses. The basic function of this app is to reach out for support, suppose you’re a nurse who is in need of an urgent support, you open the app and the app shows bubbles of person who is connected with this app, bigger the bubble closer you are with that person; you can ask for help and support by clicking on their bubble, the app is like a small social media for nursing support.

You can create your own circle of nurses and support each other when the pressure is high or just for building a good relationship among each other. If you can’t find your required nursing support among the bubbles, you can just search them via their names, emails or just numbers and once you find them you can see if they are calling for support or not.


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