The 5 Best Car Choices for Travel Nurses on the Market

The 5 Best Car Choices for Travel Nurses on the Market

Are you a travel nurse looking for the best cars for travel nurses to suit your needs? As a travel nurse, you need a car that is reliable, comfortable, and has good gas mileage. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the top factors that travel nurses should consider when choosing a car, such as gas mileage, reliability, comfort, GPS guidance, and trunk size. We will then dive into our top five picks for cars that are perfect for travel nurses. 

Lastly, we’ll cover some benefits of owning a car as a travel nurse and maintenance tips to keep your car in tip-top shape. Read on to discover which car will be the perfect fit for you!

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cars for Travel Nurses

When choosing a car for travel nursing, there are several factors to consider. In this article, we will only cover the major ones.

Gas Mileage

As travel nurses may be driving long distances frequently, it’s important to choose a car that offers good fuel efficiency. Hybrid or electric cars can be a great option for those looking to save money in the long run as they offer excellent gas mileage.

Compact cars are another good option for maximizing gas mileage while still having enough space to carry necessary equipment. When choosing a car, be sure to consider the fuel efficiency of different models and choose one that fits your budget and driving needs. 

By prioritizing gas mileage, travel nurses can save money on fuel costs and have a more reliable car for their work.


When it comes to choosing a car for travel nursing assignments, reliability should also be a top consideration. It’s important to look for cars that have a good track record of reliability, with models from Toyota and Honda being popular choices.

One option to consider is purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle with a warranty for added peace of mind. Regular maintenance and upkeep can also play a role in ensuring the reliability of your car. 

Additionally, it’s wise to research local repair shops and dealerships in the areas where you will be traveling, as having access to reliable service can make all the difference in maintaining your car’s reliability over time. 

By taking these steps, travel nurses can ensure that they have a safe and dependable vehicle for their work.


As travel nurses spend a lot of time on the road, having a comfortable car can make a significant difference in their overall experience. Look for cars with comfortable seats and good suspension systems to help absorb bumps in the road.

It’s also important to consider the size of the car. While smaller cars may be more fuel-efficient, they may not offer as much legroom or storage space. Features such as climate control and sound systems can also contribute to overall comfort during long drives.

Ultimately, choosing a car that will make your travels more enjoyable and less stressful is crucial. Take the time to evaluate your options and choose a car that meets your specific needs for comfort and practicality as a travel nurse.

GPS Guidance

Another important feature to look for is GPS guidance, which can make navigating unfamiliar areas much easier. Many modern cars come equipped with GPS systems, but aftermarket options are also available.

It’s important to choose a system that is easy to use and has up-to-date maps and traffic information. Voice-activated systems can be especially helpful for hands-free navigation while driving. Additional technology features such as Bluetooth connectivity or Apple CarPlay can also add convenience while on the road. 

Overall, a car with reliable GPS guidance and other technological features can greatly enhance the experience of travel nursing by making it easier to get around and stay connected while on the go.

Trunk Size

Trunk size is crucial for storing your belongings during your travels. Sedans and SUVs are popular choices for travel nurses due to their larger trunks, but it’s important to consider the amount of storage you will need based on the length of your assignments and the items you will be bringing with you.

A car with foldable rear seats can also provide additional storage options, making it easier to bring everything you need on the road. 

List of the 5 Best Cars for Travel Nurses

Travel nurses need a reliable and efficient car that can keep up with their busy lifestyle. With the following top five car choices, travel nurses can choose one that best suits their needs while navigating the road comfortably during their travels.

#1 — Honda Fit

For travel nurses on the go, the Honda Fit is a top choice for a reliable and affordable car. This versatile vehicle offers ample cargo space while still being compact enough to navigate through tight parking spaces. Its excellent fuel efficiency also makes it a practical option for long drives between assignments.

The Honda Fit has a reputation for being a dependable car, which is essential when traveling frequently. With its combination of affordability, reliability, and versatility, it’s no wonder why it is one of the top car choices for most people

Honda Fit - One of the best cars for travel nurses

#2 — Toyota Corolla

Another great option for travel nurses is the Toyota Corolla, which is known for its reliability and affordability. The Corolla is a low-maintenance and fuel-efficient option, making it ideal for those who frequently travel. 

Its spacious interior provides added comfort during long drives or road trips, and it’s available in both sedan and hatchback versions to suit your needs. In addition to its practical features, the Corolla also features modern safety technology that can help keep you safe on the road. 

All these factors make the Toyota Corolla a popular choice among travel nurses who want a dependable car without breaking the bank.

Toyota Corolla - Car for travel nurses

#3 — Mazda CX-5

Up next, we’ve got the Mazda CX-5. This vehicle is a popular choice due to its fuel efficiency and spacious interior, making it an ideal option for long trips. The CX-5 also offers a comfortable ride quality and advanced safety features to ensure that travel nurses are safe on the road.

The stylish design and affordable price point of the CX-5 make it a practical choice for those who are budget conscious. Overall, the Mazda CX-5 provides a great balance of comfort, performance, and practicality, making it an excellent choice for travel nurses who need a reliable vehicle for their job.

Mazda CX-5 (One of the best cars for travel nurses)

#4 — Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is a versatile and reliable vehicle that is perfect for long trips. With all-wheel drive and plenty of ground clearance, the Outback is suitable for different types of terrain. The spacious interior can comfortably accommodate passengers and gear, allowing you to travel with ease.

Apart from its practical features, the Outback also boasts good fuel economy ratings, which can save you money on gas during your travels. All in all, this car is a great choice for travel nurses who want a vehicle that is both practical and fun to drive. 

Subaru Outback - Car for travel nurses

#5 — Kia Niro

Last but not least, we’ve got the Kia Niro. As a hybrid car, it can go for long distances on a single tank of gas, which is perfect for nurses who are often traveling between assignments.

Additionally, the Kia Niro has an interior that is spacious and comfortable, with enough storage compartments for all your nursing gear. The car also features advanced safety technology such as lane departure warning and blind spot detection to help you stay safe on the road.

The sleek and modern design of the Niro will make you look professional and stylish while traveling between assignments. 

Kia Niro - Best car for travel nurses

Benefits of Owning a Car as a Travel Nurse

Owning a car offers numerous benefits for travel nurses. Here are a couple of ways in which you could benefit by owning a personal vehicle:

Freedom to Travel on Your Own Schedule

One of the primary advantages is the freedom to explore your new surroundings on your own schedule. With a car, you won’t have to rely on public transportation or costly ridesharing services to get to and from work. Moreover, having a car allows you to take advantage of nearby attractions and activities during your time off.

To put it more simply, owning a car gives you the independence and flexibility needed to thrive in the fast-paced world of travel nursing.

Ability to Bring Personal Belongings

Another major benefit is the ability to bring along personal belongings. When packing for extended assignments, it’s important to have larger items such as furniture, bedding, and kitchen supplies. Having a car allows you to easily transport these items without relying on public transportation or ride-sharing services. 

Maintenance Tips for Your Car as a Travel Nurse

If you’re a travel nurse, your car is your best asset. To keep it in good condition and ensure that it lasts longer, you should perform regular maintenance. Here are some tips you could follow:

Regular Oil Changes and Maintenance Check-Ups

Regular oil changes are a vital part of car maintenance that can extend the life of your car’s engine and prevent costly repairs down the road. Additionally, scheduling maintenance check-ups before embarking on long trips is important to ensure that your car is in good condition and safe for travel.

Keeping Tires Properly Inflated and Rotated

Another important aspect of proper car maintenance is keeping your tires properly inflated and rotated. Maintaining proper tire pressure can improve fuel efficiency and prevent uneven tire wear, while regularly rotating your tires can extend their overall lifespan and enhance handling.

To ensure you’re taking the right steps in maintaining your tires, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure and rotation schedule for your specific vehicle. Besides, investing in a portable air compressor or tire gauge can make it easy to maintain proper tire pressure while on the road. 

Keeping Your Car Clean and Sanitized.

The other key aspect of maintenance that shouldn’t be overlooked is keeping your car clean and sanitized. Regularly wiping down surfaces with disinfectant wipes can help prevent the spread of germs. Apart from this, vacuuming the interior of your car can help remove dirt and debris that can accumulate during your travels.

To protect your car’s upholstery from stains and spills, using seat covers and floor mats are great options. Also, keeping a small trash bag in your car can help you dispose of any trash or medical waste safely. 


Having a car can make it easier to explore the area around your assignment location and take advantage of any nearby attractions or activities. It can also be useful for running errands, grocery shopping, and other day-to-day tasks. 

Finally, owning a car can provide added peace of mind, as you will always have reliable transportation available in case of an emergency or unexpected situation. Of course, owning a car also comes with its own set of responsibilities and expenses, so it’s important to carefully consider whether it is the right choice for you based on your specific circumstances.

In conclusion, as a travel nurse, choosing the right car can make all the difference in your job.

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Why do travel nurses need cars?

In many cases, public transportation may not be readily available or convenient for travel nurses, especially in suburban or rural areas. This is why having access to a car is important for travel nurses, as it allows them to maintain their mobility and independence while on assignment.

Which is the best car for travel nurses?

Some popular options for travel nurses include compact cars with good gas mileage, such as the Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. These cars offer a balance of fuel efficiency and comfort for long drives.

Why is car maintenance important for travel nurses?

Car maintenance is important for travel nurses because it ensures that their vehicle is in good working condition and reduces the risk of breakdowns or accidents on the road.


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