10 Best Travel Nursing Agencies

10 Best Travel Nursing Agencies

Travel nursing is one of the most exciting nursing fields out there. Even among the nurses, travel nurses hold exceptional positions and remarkable qualities which allows them to get hired from place to place both nationally and globally. Travel nurses are unique on their own; they have more freedom but in order for them to start working they first need to join an agency that will notify them of their work.

Finding the best travel nursing agencies to work with is essential given that the agencies play an important role in the travel nurses. But in order to find out which organizations are deserving of being considered “The Best” is considerably more critical than it sounds.

The best travel nursing agencies are often looked for. That is nothing unexpected given that travel nursing agencies provide services that can either make or break them.

So in this article, we’ll discuss your pursuit of interest with our rundown of the best compiled agencies of all time assembled by evaluations and surveys. The list has been compiled in no particular order.

List of the Best Travel Nursing Agencies

1. Triage Staffing

Triage Staffing - one of the best travel nursing agencies

Triage Staffing is an Omaha, NE-based organization which was established in 2006 as a boutique staffing firm. They rapidly turned from a radiology firm into a full-benefit human services staffing organization giving administrations to all modalities.
Inc. Magazine perceived Triage Staffing as one of the country’s quickest-developing organizations for a long time in succession. 

Triage counted a sum of 316 audits over the stages we observed a year ago. They included 113 new surveys over those equivalent stages this year. We as well checked an incredible 149 audits from Google. Triage Staffing has the most astounding Aggregate Score of the considerable number of organizations on our compiled list at 95.669. 

2. OR Nurses Nationwide

OR Nurses Nationwide - travel nursing agency

While they got their start from serving OR nurses, OR Nurses Nationwide immediately spread out to serve, nurture and unite experts. They are nurture possessed and operated. They have workplaces in Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, and Memphis, TN. All workplaces are managed by nurses.

It’s important to take note that OR Nurses Nationwide scarcely made the cut with 54 surveys. Some may contend that the example measure is excessively little. However, we had more than 50 organizations on our rundown that had somewhere in the range of 10 and 100 surveys and just 2 of them made it into the best 20. This implies all things considered, audit aggregates in this range really skewed negatively. Maybe more importantly, we spot-checked the Facebook analysts of OR Nurses Nationwide and found a huge level of them to be social insurance experts who were satisfied with the administration they got.

3. Host Healthcare

Host Healthcare - top pick agency for travel nurses

Host Healthcare was established in 2012. They have immediately picked up acknowledgment as a standout amongst the best travel nursing organizations to work for. For instance, they were recorded as a standout amongst the best travel nursing organizations of 2017 on Travel Nursing Central. Moreover, they’ve made it on Highway Hypodermics’ rundown throughout the previous two years. 

In addition, they were perceived as one of the quickest developing medicinal services staffing firms in 2017 by Staffing Industry Analysts. They were likewise perceived as a standout amongst the best work environment in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal. At last, they even won an honor from City Beat News for Excellence in Customer Service. 

4. Fusion Medical Staffing

Fusion Medical Staffing is another organization that has accomplished gigantic achievements in a moderately brief period. Scott Werner and Sam Hageman established the organization in 2009. From that point forward, Fusion has been perceived over and over as an incredible work environment. 

They’ve been perceived on various occasions as a standout amongst the best work environment in Omaha, NE. Actually, they won so often that they were perceived with the “Continued Excellence Award”. Also, Fusion made it on Travel Nursing Central’s rundown in the most recent 2 years. They made Highway Hypodermics’ rundown this year. Additionally, Staffing Industry Analysts perceived Fusion as the best staffing organization to temp for in North America this year.

5. Axis Medical Staffing

Axis Medical Staffing - travel nursing agency

Axis Medical Staffing was established in 2004 by Ryan Schonberg and Adam McKinnon from a humble 10×10 official suite. They booked their first outlay move on Christmas Day and immediately extended to setting travelers in each of the 50 states. The organization is situated in Seattle, Washington, and has assignments across the nation. 

Axis Medical Staffing was a decent notice on TNC’s rundown of best organizations for 2017 and they were respected as one of the best organizations in 2016. They had 51 surveys with a normal score of 89 on TNC. The organization as of now has more than 60 Facebook surveys with an average score of 4.8.

6. Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc

Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc - one of the best travel nursing agencies

Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc was one of TNC’s best organizations throughout the previous three years! They are evaluated profoundly by TNC commentators with a normal score of 94.7 on 114 audits. They scored genuinely well on HH with a normal of 16.7 out of a conceivable 20. They have likewise gotten great audits on Facebook with a normal of 4.4 on 31 surveys.

7. NurseChoice

NurseChoice - travel nursing agency

NurseChoice isn’t just a conventional travel nurture enlistment organization. They associate enlisted medical attendants with a quick start, and short-term travel assignments that regularly run from four to about two months in length. NurseChoice offers a portion of the travel nursing industry’s best advantages and most noteworthy pay rates, and is likewise an innovator in (EMR) electronic medicinal record staffing arrangements, giving change bolster at healing facilities across the nation.

8. American Mobile Healthcare

American Mobile Healthcare travel nursing agency website interface

American Mobile Healthcare sets the highest standard in professional enrollment for the travel nursing industry. Since the beginning of 1985, their devoted staff of in excess of 1,000 representatives addresses the issues of explorers and customer offices with unparalleled client administration and industrial duty.

9. Chesapeake Medical Staffing

Chesapeake Medical Staffing - agency website interface

A group of nursing and staffing management experts founded Chesapeake Medical Staffing (CMS) in 2001. CMS began by staffing RNs both on contract and PRN in Baltimore zone doctor’s facilities. By 2011, they were staffing all nursing, allied, and doctor modalities.
They launched the home care service and private administrations all through Maryland. In 2016, they started to extend their travel contract nursing administrations and have placed staff in NC, MA, PA, DC, VA, NJ, DE, and NY.

10. Convergence Medical Staffing

Convergence Medical Staffing did a solid showing on both TNC and HH. They have a normal of 94 on 27 audits from TNC. Union’s 37 audits on HH arrived at the midpoint of 17.6. Be that as it may, they tend to be an anomaly since they didn’t make either site’s list of best organizations. Union most likely didn’t meet the sites’ base necessities to be considered for their compiled lists.


Travel nursing agencies play a vital role in empowering healthcare professionals to step forward in exciting journeys while delivering exceptional patient care across the globe. These agencies provide a gateway to a world of opportunities, enabling nurses to expand their skill sets, explore new cultures, and make lasting connections.

By offering personalized support, streamlined logistics, and competitive compensation packages, travel nursing agencies reduce the challenges of relocation and allow nurses to focus on their work progress.

Partnering with a reputable travel nursing agency can open doors to a fulfilling and rewarding career that transcends boundaries and transforms lives, whether you’re a seasoned nurse or a newly licensed nurse.


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