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Best Presents for Travel nurses

Is a Nurse your best friend? spouse? or a closer one? We are confident that you will say YES! Maybe you often find strategies to make them happy, calm and joyful, or to make them feel important and valuable in your life! 

Well, If you are close with nurses you must know that nurses work hard all day with stress, take critical decisions and provide emergency services. They put their soul and heart to work to save precious lives.  

Travel nurses are not also out of that. They work outdoors. Travel state to state, or country and sacrifice special events, holidays, and joyful festive just to lighten up other lives. They are lifesavers but we often forget to THANK them!

They deserve the best gifts during the holidays. Let’s discover some great ideas for amazing gifts for travel nurses and healthcare professionals. put a compiled list of helpful ideas for meaningful gifts for travel nurses and help you to short out some of the gifts for your Dear one!

Travel nurses hold exceptional positions and remarkable qualities which allows them to get hired from place to place. Travel nurses are unique in their own way; they have more freedom. They are allowed more opportunities to get more suitable work at any place. As they travel a lot, from places to places all over the country for their work, they also require more tools and accessories. And with just a holiday around the corner, this is the perfect chance to give your travel nurse friend/partner/family just the right gift to ensure smooth traveling and keep the holiday spirit alive.

Below is the best-compiled list for holiday gift-giving to your favorite travel nurse!

1. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a real life savior when it comes to traveling. Almost every business during the holiday season like Christmas, Easter Monday, Independence Day, Black Friday, and Halloween, gives away gift cards to attract new customers, whether it’s a popular shop, hotel or a restaurant, resort, or even an airline. So you can give them hotel gift cards, restaurant gift cards, shopping gift cards, resort gift cards, discount cards, coupons, promo code cards.

Nurses will be happy to get a gift card. Because gift cards can save their money and time. They can enjoy a nice trip or vacation by staying at any hotel or resort with their gift cards or enjoy shopping at famous shops. Your gift cards can provide them relaxation from boredom and haselling life. 

2. Memory Creators

Who does not love to cheer up memories! Travel nurses do not stay fixed in place for a very long time, they generally change places every 13 weeks or so. As they change places very often they also get to see different cultures and environments, some places are even worth keeping it as memories. 

You can help your favorite travel nurse to keep track of the adventurous memories by giving them a camera, travel journal, scrapbook, selfie stick, or even a travel-size tripod.

 Just make sure their phones are compatible with the selfie stick or the tripod because otherwise, it’ll be in vain!

3. Kindle

Travel nurses

Kindle is for someone who is an avid book reader. Someone who is a bookworm simply cannot just stay from books.
For travel nurses, it’s not really possible to carry books with them as their bags are already filled with medical equipment and personal things. Kindle is basically an e-reader, it works exactly like a tablet computer but gives off an amazing experience to books unlike other tablet computers. 

Kindle is specifically designed as an e-reader so if you have a bookworm travel nurse companion, a kindle can be just the perfect gift. There are lots of kindle models to choose from, pick something that goes with their preference.

4. Something that reminds them of home

Travel nurses are always on the go, they are barely at home. They travel to far places all over the country to provide medical care. No matter what kind of nurse they are, they are bound to get homesick if they are far away from home for a very long time. 

If you have a travel nurse in your family, you can ease their homesickness by giving them something that reminds them of home, something that’s personal and straight from the heart. It could be anything, like a customized mug, customized bag, customized key ring, customized back cover of their smartphone, alarm clock, handy calendar, water bottle, or a photo album! Anything that reminds them of home and makes them smile!

5. Travel Maps

No matter how adventurous your fellow nurse is, when you start a new journey a map is always needed. Not all places have a simple geographical location, some places are extremely confusing and it’s easy to get lost there. Some places also have very few people living there so a map as a gift is very thoughtful, it shows you’re keeping tabs on where the respective person is visiting. Maps of different areas and localities can be easily obtained. 

Along with area maps you can also give them some fictional pirate maps, it’ll come in handy when they really get bored of looking at actual maps!

6. Travel Tumbler

An insulated travel cup that can be customized into various designed encrypted message on the cup for nurses or nursing related anything or entirely anything else. Travel tumbler is considered to be the best travel mug; it keeps your hot and cold beverage in just the right temperature. 

The tumbler is really easy to carry in any pouch or bag, the mug prevents leaks so there’s no chance of spilling from the cup/mug. The best thing about the mug is that it can easily be customized, you can write any message or quote or print any design on the cup; even though most of the cups look charming anyways.

7. Durable Shoes

Travel nurses

It’s nothing new for nurses to work 12+ hours shift, nurses are always on their feet. Shoes that are comfortable to wear and lasts a long time are easily loved by nurses all over the world, it can make their daily task a bit easier. 

For travel nurses, shoes are like their companions, they run from here to there and all over the place, shoes that hurt the feet can also make them less efficient. There are shoes that are made up of cotton and other materials that make the feet feel light, those can be a perfect gift for a travel nurse.

8. Inspirational Books:

Nurses are continuously on the go. They, like others, may get bored of the same way of life. As a result, people require motivation in their lives. An inspirational book might be their finest friend for real-life motivation. Reading books when traveling is one of the finest ways to pass the time. As a result, you can also give a book as a present.

We’ve done some studies on nursing books that may genuinely inspire a nurse. We propose the top ten books, from which you may choose one to give as a present –

  1. Fast Facts For The Travel Nurse: Travel Nursing In A Nutshell’ By Michele Angell Landrum
  2. We Band of Angels by Elizabeth Norman
  3. Intensive Care: The Story of a Nurse by Echo Heron
  4. Cooked: An Inner City Nursing Memoirs by Carol Karels
  5. The Shift: One Nurse, Twelve Hours, Four Patients’ Lives by Theresa Brown
  6. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Nurses
  7. Nurse Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book.
  8. Saving Lives: Why the Media’s Portrayal of Nurses Puts Us All at Risk by Sandy Summers
  9. Hitting the Road: A Guide to Travel Nursing by Shalon Kearney
  10. The Truth About Travel Nursing By Kyle Schmidt

In another blog, we have mentioned a valuable list of inspirational books for nurses. 

9. Nurse Tote bag

Literally every nurse needs a nursing tote bag! Tote bags are really spacious as it can fit lots of small medical items. There are lots of compartments in the bag to fit in different kinds of equipment and other personal things. 

This bag comes off really handy when a nurse has to travel from one place to another to provide a temporary medical service.

Most of the small medical equipment can be fitted here without any problem. Nursing tote bags comes in lots of design and can be a really cute gift if you can find the right design.

10. Sweatshirt/T-shirt/Sweater

If you have fashionable trendy travel nurse friends, get them something they can wear to show off that they’re a travel nurse. A comfy and nice outfit can be the best present ever! 

If it’s in the winter season a nice sweater can be very helpful or if it’s in the summer, a customized t-shirt can be a great gift. Besides, something that can be reused is always lovely and can be taken in the heart.

11. Neck pillow or portable pillow

Neck pillows or portable pillows are compact and easy to use and carry. Not every travel nurse can make every place their natural habitat, sleeping can be disrupted due to this; neck pillows are really comfortable and relaxing, it can help to reduce stress in the neck and shoulder area. 

It becomes easier to sleep and rest. A pillow might not be the most charming gift but it surely is a thoughtful one. Neck pillows or any other kind of pillows are easily available.

12. Skin Care Products:

Travel Nursing is a challenging profession. They travel far and long hours to provide treatment. They work full of stress and rushing. They are always on trips so they don’t have enough time to take care of their own skin. But it is their loved one who can take care of them best. 

Working all day long can make their skin dull, cracked and rough. They need high-quality skin care products like hand cream, lotion, sanitizer, or skin creams that contain gentle ingredients like vitamins, glycerin, and essential oils. They need something good which can lock in moisture, circulate their dead cells, provide relief from cracked skin, and bring freshness and nourishment with no greasy trace.


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