Benefits of a career in Nursing

The benefits of a career in Nursing may prove important to you if you wish to pursue a career in the nursing sector or in medicine. Nursing might be a job with immense stress and workload but it is also a job that gives personal fulfillment. Nursing provides many opportunities and directions to put your career in the right track. Nursing is a profession that is highly valued and respected. Some of the highlighted major benefits of this profession are:


Traveling and work, two of these things doesn’t quite mix together unless you’re a nurse! Travel nursing is a type of nursing that allows the nurses to work in various places all over the country or internationally thus allowing them to travel freely and choose their workplace. Traveling is often considered to be a medicine for stress relief while nursing is a job of great stress and when you mix them together, it becomes something unique!

The pay is good

Nurses may not earn millions or thousands of dollars per year but they do earn quite a lot. An estimated amount would be $30,000 to $80,000, and even more for their overtime work. The pay or salary actually depends on the skills and education they receive in medical schools or training. On the other hand, there are also a lot of opportunities for a nurse to make extra money. The more a nurse is deft, dexterous, polished and educated the more she/he gets in her paycheck.

High demand

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a shortage of nurses by 2020. The shortage has become an epidemic already so there are always people in need of a nurse. They have high demand everywhere thus the job opportunities for them are massive in numbers. There are some highest paying cities for nurses that would make anyone surprised by their rich pay scale.

Flexible career


Nurse Careers offers many opportunities for change. After a nurse reaches a certain extent, they can take their in any direction. If practical nursing becomes too much stress then there’s always an option to head into management, either in nursing management or in totally a different sector. They can even inter change in between their sectors as well for example; a registered nurse can switch to a critical unit nurse or an ICU nurse. For those who like to control or lead, there is always an option to become a leader, a leader among nurses! There are also manager nurses as well. There are no ends of options when it comes to nursing.

Job securities

Nurses are and always will be an important part of the healthcare industry, without them hospitals and clinics cannot function properly. Even in times of recession or economic fall, nurses will always find an opportunity to work and earn because they are one of the core parts of the healthcare industry and they are trusted by the public so they always are in high demand.

Choose your own specialty

One of the greatest aspects of this profession is that you get to choose your own specialty or concentration and get to work on your skills till you reach that desired position. The profession of nursing is very flexible and reliable because if you’re good at something you don’t need to do something else. If you’re good at understanding people’s minds then there is psychotherapeutic nurse or if you’re good at only taking care of kids then there’s the option of school nurse or a nanny. The opportunities for nurses are endless. Many nurses work with patients directly at the bedside while other types of nurses work behind the scene. There are more than 100+ types of nurses one can choose from.

Respected profession


The public, in general, has a massive amount of respect for the nursing profession. Imagine waking up every morning just to work a 12-hour shift to help and care for others. Nurses are very selfless, they work on a personal level with the patients so they need to form a mental connection with the patients and when they do a patient actually gets to witness how much they work hard and thus respect is born for them.

Personal fulfillment

Waking up every morning knowing they are going to make a difference in some people’s life is truly a fulfilling thought. Even though they go through a lot every day, but knowing at the end of the day they are going to save someone or cure someone, tends to bring inner peace and enlightenment.

Teamwork and empowerment

Very often, we get to see nurses working in a group or a team and managing everything by themselves or under a healthcare supervisor, sometimes even leading them! Nursing is vastly about cooperation and teamwork; one person cannot do everything alone. They often hold seminars and programs themselves, often acting as an inter-professional liaison. They work together and empower themselves to do even better the following day, even if the day was utterly horrible, they motivate themselves into doing well.


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