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10 Different Ways a nurse can make extra money

Are you a nurse? Are you in a pinch? Are you wondering how to make extra money as a nurse?
Even though Nurses make pretty good money, but there are times even they need a little extra for something special. It could be they are saving for a vacation or wedding or just building up their savings. There are always ways to pick up extra cash. Below is the best compiled list of different ways a nurse can make extra money.

1. Overtime

A good way to boost your salary is to work overtime. In many healthcare organizations like hospitals or clinics there is always insufficiency of staff so helping hands are always required. To work overtime let your supervisor know and they’ll fix you a shift, there are always some open shifts so pitch in whenever there is an opportunity. Overtime not only provides extra money but also shows management that you’re always available when the need is required.

2. Per Diem shift

Extra Money

Per Diem literally translates to “per day”. There are many nursing staffing agencies who hire nurses on daily basis. They fulfill hospital or clinical understaffing problems by scheduling freelance nurses in their understaffed areas to serve as relievers. In return, these freelance gets paid for their daily work. The workplaces for the nurses are not fixed, one day they may be sent to NICU and the other day to pediatrician unit, not all nurses are sent everywhere, they are sent according to their capabilities and skills.

3. Nursing homes

Nursing homes most of the time offer Per Diem shift basis, nurses are hired from time to time to take care of the elderly. Apart from earning extra cash, working with elderly gives out a positive vibe and boosts morals. Nursing homes also gives opportunities to develop and sustain long term relationship with elderlies and their families by providing supportive care in the remaining years for the elderly patients. Nursing homes do give good enough cash as a side job but in this case the humanitarian side triumphs over the monetary side.

4. Travel nurse

Traveling and work, two of these things don’t quite mix together unless you’re a     nurse! Travel nursing is a type of nursing that allows the nurses to work in various places all over the country or internationally and thus allowing them to travel freely and choose their workplace. Travel nurses receive amazing compensation for their work. The shorter-term, critical staffing assignments offered are some of the highest paying jobs in the travel industry. Employment benefits include a contracted nurse salary, free housing, bonuses, travel reimbursements, health insurance and other standard employment benefits. Traveling is often considered to be a medicine for stress relief and if you can earn money along with it then why not?!

5. Crafting

It’s no surprise that nursing is a stressful job, sometimes the nurses take upon recreational activities at home to relieve stress. Recreational activity such as crafting can be a great earning source if it is used wisely. There are countless talented nurses working in the healthcare industry who can paint, who can sing, who can dance, who can make things!

Maybe not all of them can be used as secondary earning sources but if crafting is used wisely, it can be a good small startup business in the spare time or leisure hour. Crafting has no limits, from customized notebooks to customized curtains; everything can be made depending on the person’s capabilities. Money as well as fulfilling hobby, both can be earned together.

6. Teaching

Extra Money

Teaching can be an exceptional way to earn some extra money. Many schools and colleges have medical courses on weekends, they need medical assistants such as nurses to guide and instruct the courses. Signing up to teach a class in off-hours can be motivating and relaxing at the same time, not to mention earn some money as well! Teaching is truly a rewarding experience; it gives respect, dignity and whatnot! Bring others in the medical field and earn cash as well!

7. Medical blogger

There are plenty of blogging websites dedicated to the medical profession only.
Writing articles, blogs and research analysis can help you earn money. You can make it wherever you are whether at work or home. There are many sites that will approach you and give you money to post your writing on their site. You can write about healthcare products, healthcare manufactures or even nursing lifestyle, demands for health-related articles are endless as there are many health websites or blogs in need of fresh content daily.

8. Immunization Nurse

This is a seasonal job, before the season of flu or cold starts the immunization clinics or other establishments set up camps in various areas such as parks or schools or any institution to provide flu shots. The nurses along with doctors manage the whole program. This seasonal program starts in mid-September or October just before the cold season starts. The program actually offers a good sum of money, the advertisements can be found in different media such as newspapers or online portals.

9. Medical Transcription

The opportunities of a medical transcriptionist are quite high but to be able to be qualified for this job certification is required. There are resources available online and courses as well which can assist the nurse to become certified. The work of a medical transcriptionist is quite convenient for a nurse; a medical transcriptionist listens to recorded medical reports and transcribes voice recordings into written reports. The work can be done from anywhere whether at home or workplace as long there is a computer and reliable internet access.

10. Phlebotomy Jobs

There are a lot of insurance companies and corporate organizations who are in need of regular physical checkups and are willing to pay nurses to do their Phlebotomy work. This is a convenient way to earn some extra money as the job can be done in the patients’ home. They just need to simply go to the patient’s home and draw their blood! Good amount of money can be earned from this and it is very convenient for a nurse. 


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