Black Friday

Black Friday Guide for Nurses

The day after thanksgiving also known as “Black Friday” is one of the busiest days of the year in the US since 2005.
Most Major retailers (online and physical) this day offers massive discount on their products and services. Here we will talk about Black Friday Guide for Nurses. Some of the major retailers of black Friday –

There are thousands of other retailers who ensure and discounts and prices fall as well. Due to its massive shopping deals, Black Friday is considered as the kickoff of the holiday shopping season. So it is better to follow some marketing strategies for Black Friday to get a good result. As for nurses who barely gets the day off, the holiday season is one of those time where they can actually hope to relax for a bit and as Thanksgiving is coming up very soon, it means that Black Friday is almost here as well!
Shopping can be a refreshing vacation and you can’t call yourself a true shopper until you shop on Black Friday. But unlike any other regular shopping day, Black Friday requires a good amount of preparation and courage to face the crowd and stand in the line (unless you’re only into online shopping).

Black Friday sales not only offer products with low prices but also a test! It throws a challenge to the consumers, if you’ve ever been in a Black Friday sale, then you’re probably already aware of how violent and challenging it can get, but with a good amount of preparation and safety measures, one can avoid such inconvenience. Since nurses are busy individuals with tight schedules, they don’t always get enough time to pre-plan such things, that’s why we have made a comprehensive Black Friday guide for them which would cut down their pre-planning time.
Maybe not all of them will be benefitted from it but we tried to cover almost all the basic points.

Mark important dates

The important dates this year are as follows: Black Friday is on November 23, 2018; Small Business Saturday is on the following day, November 24, 2018. Cyber Monday is on November 26, 2018. Always be on the lookout for your favorite retail websites, some of them start off way earlier than usual so keep a lookout for advance announcements.

Make a list

Listing - Black Friday guide for nurses

Just like a regular shopping list, you also need to make a list of specific things you want. Since the stores will be overcrowded, you won’t be able to get a lot of things at once so it’s better to make a list of things you need or want instead of just randomly grabbing things. If you stick to the list then there’s less chance of emptying your bank account and it’s fun to explore and look for the things you want.

Act fast

Since you will be already done with making the list, the next quality you need to inherent is lightning-fast movement and decision making ability. Since being a nurse will automatically qualify you as a quick decision maker, now you have to quick into acting fast. Who knew shopping would be a battle of wits?

Conserve energy and use it wisely

Since it will be a long day, it is important to reserve energy beforehand, at least sleep 8 hours before walking to the ‘war’. Consume enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Rest and relax your body and make it comfortable as you need to give 100% for your favorite items.

Look for more discount

Try finding deals, promo codes or coupon cards in newspapers or magazines, though most major retailers won’t be giving off promo codes or coupons at this time of the year but still there will be retailers who will.

Shop Smart

If you’re a regular shopper then you already probably know what to buy and what to NOT, but if you’re not regular then carefully read this section. The following couple of points will be what to not buy and why –

  • Toys & decorations: Toys and decorations are best sold during the Christmas week, even though the offers might seem tempting, it is best to not buy. Around the time of Christmas, the price of the toys and decorations falls much further than black Friday offers. And around 25th December, the decorations are given off at the price of water! So save your toy and decoration money for that time.
  • Bed Sheet: It might seem odd at first to buy bed sheets or beddings during Black Friday but there are countless people who actually do. It is best to keep the money for January as beddings are best offered during white sales in January.
  • Furniture: Outdoor and indoor furniture’s receive a big price slash during summer or Labor Day sales. So it’s better to waste time and money at this during Black Friday sales

The most popular products during Black Friday –

  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Video games
  • Gaming System bundles
  • Cosmetics etc.

Online or Physical store?

Online or physical store - Black Friday Guide for Nurses

There are two ways to shop, either you visit the store physically or you buy it from online.
Buying it from online is less violent, less hectic and without any physical workload but you will miss out on many offers that neighboring retailers will put up plus you will miss out on the thrill and melodramatic scenes that happen when you are present physically.
If you are a person who hates crowds and people or is very lazy, then online is the platform for you; and if you are a person who loves adventures and thrills then visiting physically would suit you.

Websites to check out

There are many websites that spend a huge amount of time scoping out the best Black Friday deals. Instead of searching for the deals yourself, you can follow these websites for updates and deals. These websites sometimes leak ads and promos and secret deals.

  • Brad’s Deals

Helpful apps

Here are some helpful android/apple apps that can assist you during your Black Friday sales –

  • Flipp
  • Mint
  • Shopsavvy
  • Park Whiz


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