Pharmacology Apps

7 best Pharmacology Apps for nursing students and pharmacists

Medical apps have taken the world by storm with so much resources and medical information at the palm of our hands. Pharmacology apps has also excelled in this sector; developers have created countless apps to assist the pharmacology students and pharmacists. Here are the some of the 7 best pharmacology apps.

1. Classify Rx for pharmacology

This app is basically a one-stop pharmacology shop for freshers and pharmacology students. If you’re new into pharmacology or wants to know about the pharmacological world, this is the perfect startup app that plunges you into the pharmacology world. Classification of all the important drugs and all the other necessary information are organized accordingly. This app can also help you prepare for the pharmacological examinations as all the android and ios. It costs around $11.99 in ios and in app purchase in android.

2. TRC Pharmacology

Pharmacology Apps

TRC pharmacology is a comprehensive app with bountiful information and resources. This app provides basic pharmacology knowledge for all the users. Its database has fundamental pharmacological contents such as pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and drug mechanisms in the context of pathophysiology. Each content is handcrafted suitably for the users, every topic is explained in details with diagrams and charts as supports
There is a quiz option after every topic to help the readers understand the contents and concepts. This app is completely free and is available on both android and ios.

 3. Epocrates

Whenever someone thinks of pharmacological or medical apps, the very first app that comes to mind is Epocrates. This app is one of the most ideal pharmacological apps out in the market. This app is primarily a drug reference appand the one with the most extensive database. Students and users can search for medications by generic name, brand name, or by condition. Its powerful database can bring out any necessary information within moments.

This app gets continuously updated so that you don’t miss any new medications or information. Drug interaction can be done at any moment and this app also has a pill identifier that helps to identify unknown pills by its name or color. This app is generally free with in app purchase and is both available for both android and ios.

4. Pharmacology Mnemonics

Pharmacology Mnemonicsis a really fun app that helps you remember drugs and medication through various fun activities like rhymes and quiz. It provides you with clever acronyms, stories, and memory tricks. There are varieties of topics such as Cardiology, Endocrine, Microbiology, Nervous System, Pulmonary, Renal etc. This app is very bright and colorful and has a very simple interface. Its available on both android and ios and it costs about $0.99.

5. MedCalc

Medcalc is an excellent medical calculator; every pharmacology student needs a good medical calculator for, there is simply too much information to recall to waste precious neurons memorizing the complex formulae. Many of the top medical references contain many built in medical calculators. However, these can be very less efficient and time consuming to find and, depending on your ability may require subscription/resource; but medcalc is extremely efficient and the best part is its absolutely free of cost and is available on both android and ios.

6. Pharmacist’s Letter

Pharmacology Apps

Pharmacist’s Letter is every pharmacist’s favorite online newspaper subscription service. This app provides the users short and concise information on drug topics, pharmacy trends, and new medications through their monthly newsletters. For in-depth information, the user can be access it from available online resource. The mobile app version is extremely efficient and handy and can be accessed via a phone whenever information is required.

The app interface is very simple and viewing each issue feels similar to as if reading an actual newsletter. Pharmacist’s letter posts their own suggestion/advice and necessary information and are completely unbiased about it. This app is available for both android and ios. The app is free and the monthly subscription rate varies.

7. iPharmacy

This one of a kind app can be used by BOTH healthcare professionals (Nurses/doctors/Pharmacologists/medical students) and the consumers which are the general people, and how so?

Ipharmacy is a 360° app with a huge number of functions and one of its renowned functions is the pill identifier. By using pill identifier we can easily identify drug tablets or capsule by their color/shape/imprint. This app also has a medication forum that can be used by both nurses and consumers; it’s a really efficient platform for consumers and their healthcare professionals to connect.

Its other functions consist of drug search, pharmacy locator, Med Reminder and other minor functions. The app’s interface is really simple and subtle; it excels at providing users with familiar icons to describe the content within different sections of the app. This app is available for both android and ios and its absolutely free of cost.


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