Stress Balls & its Benefits- Nursing Stress Management

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Stress Management

Imagine being stressed about life and work and while you’re panicking someone hands you a squishy ball and tells you to relieve your stress from it; sounds absurd doesn’t it?! But in fact this is quite true! A small squishy ball is sometimes enough to relieve your stress. Stress balls are one of the oldest stress management techniques and it is quite effective.

For nurses, stress is an integral part of their life; they live and work with it almost their entire nursing career. Due to the workload and the nature of their job, stress is inevitable and it’s really easy for them to suffer from burnout. That is why it’s important for them to relax before they actually hit the bucket. Below is a comprehensive list of humorous stress balls for nurses for their stress management. But before we actually cover the list, let’s first take a look at the benefits of it.

Benefits of Stress balls for Stress Management

Stress Management

The most common question about stress ball is, “do they actually work?” Before choosing a stress ball, you need to first understand your anxiety, is it a long term or momentary stress management from work or anything else. If it is long term, then stress ball might not be way to go for relieving stress and Stress Management; momentary stress can easily be relieved by a stress ball.

Stress ball helps to manipulate the fingers and wrist; it’s a form of exercise. If people can by the fact that stress ball is a silly toy, then they can find immense benefits for stress balls. When we get stressed, our muscles forms tension and our body tightens up and due to this our bodies sometimes doesn’t function properly.

Stress balls can reduce this physical tension from our body by stimulating our muscles. The reflexology theory has proven that using stress balls can relax our muscles and strengthen our vital organs, leading to reduction of stress overall. Blood circulation can also get a boost throughout the stress ball exercise. Stress balls can be a form of physical therapy as well, our wrists forms condition such as overuse, arthritis, fracture or sprain due to various condition. Squeezing a stress ball will relax the muscles in the wrist and rehabilitate your wrists.

We are not going to talk about further negative effects of stress and dive straight into the forms of stress ball. You can find various types of stress balls in the market with a wide range of shapes and size. The bizarre physical structure of the stress balls is what makes it interesting. Excluding the regular round stress ball (which looks really boring!) you can find them in the shape of animals, dices, food, body organs and what not! Check out the comprehensive list below and pick your preferable stress ball.

1. Eye-Popping Frog Squeeze Toy.
This green eye-popping frog thingy is surely made to feel you wholesome. This frog is made of plastic; it won’t break or crack no matter how hard you squeeze it. It’s easy to hold and fits perfectly in your palm. The unique feature of this eye-popping frog is that when you squeeze it, its eye pops out! Sounds weird doesn’t it?! But in fact it’s quite fun and soothing! The frog is fun to squeeze and easily washable so you don’t really have to worry about cleaning it too often. Just squeeze it when you need it.

Stress Management

2. Eye-spinning Grey Wolf Squeeze Toy.
If you’re into the eye-popping thingy then this dark wolf boy is your stress reliever, not only does it pop out, its eyes spins as well! The big dark boy is big and can withstand incredible force; if you want to lighten up your mood instantly then this squishy stress ball is for you.

3. Panic Pete.
Well who doesn’t know panic Pete?! Everyone does! The name panic Pete even goes with your current situation if you’re in need of a stress ball. Panic Pete has multiple eyes around its head, I mean what’s with these stress balls and eyes?! This pink boy stands 5 inches tall, very squishy and looks hilarious, a perfect combo to lighten up your mood.

4. Testicle Shaped Stress Balls.
Okay this one is a fan favorite among the females (well it would be weird if it was popular among the males!). It might be vulgar but once you get past that, it’s just a toy to relieve your stress. To make it more interesting, the Testicle Shaped Stress Ball is filled with jelly like substance to give it a more realistic feel. You can poke, grab, and squeeze it however you want till your stress subsides.

5. Breast Shaped Stress Balls.
Well it’s no secret that its fan favorite among the males (why should girls only have their personalized stress balls). This fake breast shaped stress balls looks very realistic, feels good as well! The stress ball is sometimes called Boob Ball! (for obvious reasons).

This ball is made from high quality rubber to give it the most realistic feel and it is made just the right size as well. It is accurate in size and shape to grip. This boob ball is very soft and squishy and is able to reduce stress very easily (I mean why not?). If you’re worried about getting embarrassed about someone finding it out then don’t worry, this stress ball comes with a cute pouch that you can carry with you without anyone noticing.

6.  Popping Peepers Cow.
These animal shaped stress balls are in hot demand in the market including this cow shaped popping peepers!
This cute looking cow can make your day just by staring at it, but once you start squeezing it you’ll love it even more. The more you squeeze it, the more air it pumps in and out so it can withstand incredible force. The belly in the front is irresistible to rubbing; I mean who wouldn’t rub its quite belly? The size of this stress ball is accurate enough to grip and squeeze. If you have built-up stress that needs to be let out immediately then this cute stress ball might do the job for you.

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