All About Nurse Apprentice Salary Range, Job Opportunities and Roles

All About Nurse Apprentice Salary Range, Job Opportunities and Roles

In order to start nursing careers and earn money while finishing school, nursing students can complete their practical nurse (PN) or registered nurse (RN) degrees while working in a healthcare facility through nursing apprenticeships.

These nurse apprenticeship jobs are fantastic opportunities for hands-on training because a nurse apprentice can undertake a particular set of approved care tasks. In this guide, we will talk about nurse apprentice salary and the highest-paying cities for nurse apprentice jobs.

How Much Does A Nurse Apprentice Make?

In the USA, the average nurse apprentice salary is $24.24 per hour or $47,268 annually. Beginning salaries for entry-level roles are $30,298 annually, while those with the most experience can earn up to $49,628. This equates to $909 a week or $3939 a month.

The annual nurse apprentice salary can be as high as $163,000 and as low as $20,000 are possible. The majority of Nurse Apprentice salaries currently range between $33,500 (25th percentile) and $75,500 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $120,000 annually across the United States.

The wide variation in average compensation for a nurse apprentice indicates that there may be numerous prospects for wage increases and development based on experience, location, and skill level.

Highest Paying Cities For Nurse Apprentice Jobs

In the United States, the salary for nurse apprentices varies by city. The cities in the United States with the highest nurse apprentice salaries are listed below. Atkinson, NE is the city with the highest salaries. The United States’ high or low pay for nurse apprentices is more closely related to the demand for jobs and the cost of living. Following is the list of highest paying cities for nurse apprentices with their annual salaries.

  • Atkinson, NE: Annual Salary – $77,357
  • Green River, WY: Annual Salary – $76,588
  • Stamford, CT: Annual Salary – $74,988
  • Belgrade, MT: Annual Salary – $74,085
  • San Francisco, CA: Annual Salary – $71,466

The average salary in these places is greater than the national average, therefore moving in order to further your career as a nurse apprentice seems to be a very profitable move.

Best Paying Related Nurse Apprentice Jobs In U.S.

In the category of employment for nurse apprentices, we identified other positions that pay more annually than the average wage for a nurse apprentice. Apprenticeships in travel, cyber security, and architecture are a few prominent examples of these positions.

Importantly, the pay for all of these positions is more than the average Nurse Apprentice salary of $63,233, ranging from $21,677 to $28,033. If you meet the qualifications, you could be able to earn more money than the typical Nurse Apprentice position by being hired for one of these related positions.

1-  Travel Apprenticeships: Annual Salary – $91,266

2-  Apprentice Cyber Security Apprenticeship: Annual Salary – $90,636

3-  Architect Apprentice: Annual Salary – $85,552

4-  Apprentice Architect: Annual Salary – $85,552

5-  Apprentice Hospital Nurse: Annual Salary – $84,910

6-  Carpenter Apprentice: Annual Salary – $44,517

7- Lineman Apprentice: Annual Salary – $59,468

These are some of the various titles given to nursing apprentice positions, and they may differ from company to company. The department and responsibilities are closely related to the job title, and different departments will use different titles for the same position.

What Do Apprentice Nurses Do?

An apprentice nurse typically does a variety of duties with a focus on daily patient care and office work, including:

  •  Assisting patients with becoming acclimated to the facility and their room
  •  Altering the sheets
  •  Carrying patients
  •  Gathering samples for examination
  •  IV insertion
  •  EKG procedures
  •  Vital sign monitoring and charting
  •  Removal of staples or stitches
  •  Changing bandages
  •  Clothing and bathing patients
  •  Maintaining a patient’s fluid intake and output records
What Do Apprentice Nurses Do? (Nurse Apprentice Salary)
Nurse Apprentice Salary Range, Job Opportunities and Roles

In addition, staff meetings and patient care planning are frequently requested of nursing apprentices. They are often given the opportunity to complete more difficult duties as their apprenticeship progresses and their abilities increase. They are allowed to do things like dispense medication, do catheterizations, and take care of ostomies under supervision.

Advantages Of a Nurse Apprenticeship Program

Both students and healthcare facilities benefit from a nurse apprentice program. The benefits are obvious to students: As students complete their schooling, they receive training and real-world experience and are paid for their labor. They are therefore suitably equipped to start a career.

Additionally, apprenticeships frequently give potential employers a chance to learn more about you, your abilities, and your work ethic, boosting the likelihood that you will be hired right after graduation.

Popularity Of Apprentice Nursing Program In U.S.

The popularity of nursing apprenticeship programs is rising in the United States. Students often begin their studies in the classroom before moving on to practical clinical training in nurse apprentice programs in the US. The U.S. Department of Labor granted the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) funding to create and execute apprenticeship training models in several states.

The state board of nursing in Nevada also developed and uses an apprentice nursing program, enabling students to apply the clinical skills they are learning in the classroom.

Frequently Asked Question

How valuable are apprenticeships?

The training programs for apprenticeships are specially tailored to make sure you get the skills employers demand. This translates into greater long-term wage prospects for apprentices as well as fantastic options for advancement, whether they want to pursue more education or advance professionally.

How long does a nursing apprenticeship last?

For healthcare professionals who are new to the field, the Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship is available as a full-time program lasting three years or a part-time program lasting four years.

Is a nursing apprenticeship possible for 16-year-olds?

An apprenticeship may be right for you if you are seeking an alternative to university studies or are interested in changing careers because there are no entry requirements or age limitations.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of the nurse apprentice program is growing, and this change is predicted to continue in the U.S. Nurse apprentice salary varies according to location. In some cities, nurse apprentice pay is above-average salaries.

Detailed information about this is described above. Knowing how much a nurse apprentice makes annually is important if you are considering applying for a position or are preparing for the next step in your career.


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