Can Travel Nurses Work Part-Time

Can Travel Nurses Work Part-Time? A Comprehensive Analysis

Are you a registered nurse looking for a flexible work schedule that allows you to travel? Or perhaps you’re interested in exploring new nursing opportunities while still maintaining a work-life balance? If so, then part-time travel nursing might be the perfect fit for you!

In this blog, we will dive into the question, “Can travel nurses work part-time? and explore what it is, its benefits and drawbacks, and how to get started. Whether you’re a seasoned travel nurse or just starting your nursing career, this article will provide valuable insight into the world of part-time travel nursing.


Part-time travel nursing is a unique opportunity for nurses seeking flexibility and adventure in their careers. It involves working as a nurse for a specified number of hours per week while traveling to different locations.

Part-time travel nursing is an excellent option for nurses looking to create a work-life balance. Whether it’s to supplement income or manage other commitments, part-time travel nursing allows nurses the flexibility they need to pursue their passion for nursing while remaining committed to other aspects of their lives.

With assignments that can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, part-time travel nursing offers nurses the opportunity to explore new cities and gain valuable healthcare experience in different settings. Not only does part-time travel nursing provide flexibility, but it also offers nurses the chance to meet new people and encounter diverse perspectives. These experiences help nurture personal growth and cultural understanding while providing opportunities for professional development.

Overall, part-time travel nursing is an exciting way for nurses to expand their horizons and enjoy a fulfilling career at their own pace.

Benefits of Part-Time Travel Nursing

Part-time travel nursing offers several benefits for both nurses and healthcare facilities. Some potential advantages of part-time travel nursing include:

  1. Flexibility: Part-time travel nursing allows nurses to work on a schedule that fits their lifestyle, providing greater work-life balance and the ability to pursue other interests or obligations.
  2. Variety: Travel nursing provides the opportunity to work in different healthcare settings, gaining experience with different patient populations, technologies, and procedures.
  3. Professional growth: By working in different healthcare environments and learning new skills, part-time travel nurses can enhance their professional development and potentially increase their earning potential.
  4. Higher pay rates: Travel nurses typically earn higher pay rates than staff nurses, which can make part-time travel nursing an attractive option for those looking to supplement their income.
  5. Networking opportunities: Working in different healthcare facilities and meeting new colleagues can help part-time travel nurses build their professional networks and connect with others in the field.

Drawbacks of Part-Time Travel Nursing

While part-time travel nursing can offer several benefits, there are also several drawbacks to consider. Some potential drawbacks include:

  1. Limited job security: As part-time employees, travel nurses may not have the same level of job security as full-time employees, and may be more vulnerable to layoffs or other staffing changes.
  2. Lower pay and benefits: Part-time travel nurses may not receive the same level of pay and benefits as full-time employees, which can impact their overall compensation and financial stability.
  3. Limited availability of assignments: Part-time travel nurses may have fewer assignment options available to them than full-time nurses, particularly in certain geographic areas or specialties.
  4. Less flexibility in scheduling: While part-time work can offer greater schedule flexibility than full-time work, travel nursing assignments often require specific start and end dates, which may limit a nurse’s ability to take time off or adjust their schedule.

While part-time travel nursing can be a rewarding and flexible career option for some nurses, it is important to carefully consider the potential drawbacks before pursuing this path.

Exploring the Possibilities: Can Travel Nurses Work Part-Time?

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Starting a career in part-time travel nursing can be a wonderful opportunity to explore new locations, gain experience in different healthcare settings, and enjoy a more flexible work schedule. Now let us guide you through the exciting journey of part-time travel nursing:

Degree and Licensing Requirements

To work as a part-time travel nurse, you will need to meet certain degree and licensing requirements. Typically, this includes having a degree in nursing and an active nursing license. Depending on the state, there may be additional requirements for certification or continuing education. It’s important to research the specific requirements for the states where you plan to work to ensure you meet all of the necessary qualifications.

In addition to education and licensing, part-time travel nurses need to have experience in their specialty area and be comfortable working in different healthcare settings. The ability to adapt quickly to new environments is essential, as is staying up-to-date with current nursing practices and techniques through participation in continuing education courses. 

By meeting these requirements, nurses can pursue rewarding careers as part-time travel nurses while providing valuable healthcare services across the United States.

Gaining Experience as a Travel Nurse

Gaining experience is also crucial for success as a part-time travel nurse. Consider starting by working in your local area to gain experience in different healthcare settings. 

can travel nurses work for part-time - gaining experience as a travel nurse

Taking additional courses and certifications can help expand your knowledge and skills while networking with other nurses and healthcare professionals can help you find opportunities for travel nursing positions. Working with a reputable staffing agency can provide valuable support and resources for finding part-time travel nursing assignments. 

Remember, gaining experience takes time and effort, but it’s essential for building a successful career as a part-time travel nurse.

Working with a Travel Nursing Agency

Partnering with a reputable travel nursing agency can provide valuable support and resources for finding part-time travel nursing assignments. By working with an agency, you can gain access to job opportunities that fit your schedule and preferences, as well as receive guidance on licensure requirements and other logistical considerations.

Furthermore, agencies often offer competitive pay rates, housing options, and travel reimbursements to help make the transition to part-time travel nursing as seamless as possible.

When choosing an agency to work with, it’s important to do your research and seek out one that meets your needs. Consider factors like reputation, experience in the industry, and communication style when making your decision. Be sure to communicate your goals and preferences clearly with your agency recruiter so they can find positions that align with your interests.

Some travel nurses are working in an agency as a part-time job

With the right agent by your side, you can navigate the world of part-time travel nursing with confidence.


Part-time travel nursing has its advantages and disadvantages. While it provides more flexibility in terms of scheduling and location, it may not offer the same level of job security or benefits as a full-time position.

If you’re interested in pursuing part-time travel nursing, it’s important to research the requirements and expectations of the job, as well as potential employers and travel nursing agencies.

By exploring the question can travel nurses work part-time? Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about part-time travel nursing, including degree and licensing requirements, gaining experience, finding positions close to home, pay rates, and much more. Once you’ve completed reading this blog post, you will definitely be ready to embark on this exciting journey to becoming a part-time travel nurse.


How Long Do Contracts Last?

Part-time travel nursing contracts can vary in length from a few weeks to several months, depending on the staffing needs of the healthcare facility and your availability. 
Many part-time travel nursing contracts are for 13 weeks, which is considered a standard length. However, some facilities may offer shorter or longer contracts based on their requirements.

What Is the Pay Like for Part-Time Travel Nurses?

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurses (which includes part-time travel nurses) had a median hourly wage of $36.22 as of May 2020.

In What Specialties Are Part-Time Travel Nurses Most Common?

According to industry data, part-time travel nurses are in high demand across specialties such as critical care, emergency medicine, and pediatrics. Nurses can also choose to work in fields like labor and delivery, oncology, or psychiatric nursing.

Where Are Part-Time Travel Nurses in Demand?

Part-time travel nurses are in demand in many areas of the healthcare industry. Some of the most common locations for part-time travel nursing positions include hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. These positions may be available in urban or rural areas, depending on the specific needs of the patient population and the healthcare provider.

Is part-time travel nursing possible?

Yes, part-time travel nursing is possible. Many healthcare staffing agencies offer part-time travel nursing positions to meet the needs of both nurses and healthcare facilities.

Is part-time travel nursing flexible?

Part-time travel nursing can offer a great deal of flexibility for healthcare professionals who are looking for a more flexible work-life balance. By working on a part-time basis, travel nurses can choose to work as much or as little as they like, depending on their personal and professional needs. 
This can be particularly beneficial for those who have other commitments, such as family responsibilities or educational pursuits.

How much do part-time travel nurses earn?

According to data from Indeed, the average hourly wage for a part-time travel nurse in the United States is approximately $35 per hour. However, this figure may be higher or lower depending on various factors specific to each case.


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