10 Best Apps for Nursing Students

10 Best Apps for Nursing Students

Having nursing apps on your phone will help you to get ahead of everyone. For example, you could remember your class concepts better. More so, some of the apps will help you remember pills and drugs while you are on your internship. In today’s article, we are going to present you with the 10 best apps for nursing students. Let’s get in.

Apps such as the NCSBN Flashcard, and Black’s Medical Dictionary are great options to have. Most nursing students have those apps to facilitate their study and career. You must go through these apps and have them on your mobile devices.

List of 10 Best Apps for Nursing Students

Let’s talk about the best apps for nursing students.

1. Nursing Central

Nursing Central app - One of the Best Apps for Nursing Students

No doubt, Nursing Central is a valuable app for nursing students, offering a range of features to support their education and clinical practice. One of its key features is the extensive drug information database. It provides details on medications, dosages, interactions, and side effects. This app will aid nursing students in understanding different drugs and their safe administration to patients.


  • Easy to find answers
  • Great to highlight
  • Comprehensive calculator

Prices: Free

2. Nursing Essential

Nursing Essential - App for nursing students

Nursing Essential is a dedicated app designed to provide essential resources and support for nursing students. In fact, it could help the nurses on duty to find drug and disease monographs, lab tests with values, clinical calculators, and others. The Medical Calculator of the app also offers drip rates, pediatric considerations, and others.


  • No Lag
  • The calculator offers diverse features
  • Instant trauma grading

Prices: $5.99 USD

3. NCSBN Flashcard App

 NCSBN Flashcard App - One of the Best Apps for Nursing Students

The NCSBN Flashcard App is a powerful tool designed to assist nursing students in their exam preparation. The app’s features include a vast collection of flashcards covering essential nursing concepts and topics. These flashcards are tailored to align with the content of the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).


  • Great for exam preparation
  • Informative
  • Easy to use

Prices: Free

4. Nursegrid

Nursegrid - Best App for Nursing Students

Are you frustrated about the scheduling in your student life? Well, Nursegrid is a scheduling and communication app designed for you. Its features include easy shift scheduling, shift swapping, and real-time updates on staffing changes. The app fosters efficient communication among nursing teams, streamlining workflow and ensuring optimal staffing levels for enhanced patient care.


  • Colorful UI
  • Can run on a smartwatch
  • Has Data safety

Prices: Free 

5. Black’s Medical Dictionary

Black’s Medical Dictionary - nursing app

Black’s Medical Dictionary is a comprehensive reference tool for nurses and students. Its features include an extensive collection of medical terms, explanations of medical conditions, and treatment options. The dictionary covers the latest advancements and provides valuable insights into various medical specialties, making it a trusted resource in the healthcare industry.


  • In-depth data
  • Has great reviews

Prices: $14.99

6. Med Mnemonics

Med Mnemonics - App for Nursing Students

Med Mnemonics is a valuable app for nursing students, offering mnemonic aids to enhance memory retention and recall of complex medical information. The app’s features include a vast collection of creative memory aids for drugs, diseases, anatomy, and procedures. It helps nursing students grasp critical concepts effectively and excel in their studies.


  • Helps you remember things
  • Colorful infographic

Prices: Free

7. Smart Pill Identifier

Smart Pill Identifier - App for Nursing Students

Smart Pill Identifier is a helpful tool for nursing students to identify medications accurately. The features include a database of pill images, descriptions, and codes. It allows students to identify unknown pills quickly. This aids medication administration and patient safety and ensures proper patient care during clinical rotations and practice.


  • On-demand access to research
  • Can identify pills from picture
  • Accurate clinical info

Prices: Free

8. Picmonic

Picmonic - One of the Best Apps for Nursing Students

Picmonic app aids nursing students with its mnemonic-based visual learning platform. Its features include a vast library of animated and interactive visuals covering medical concepts, diseases, and drugs. This engaging approach enhances memory retention, simplifies complex topics, and improves exam performance, making it an invaluable study tool for nursing students.


  • Variety of courses
  • Animated visuals
  • Best for learning new concepts

Prices: Free

9. UWorld

UWorld - App for Nursing Students

UWorld app supports nursing students with its comprehensive exam preparation features. Its offerings include a vast question bank with challenging practice questions and detailed explanations. The app provides realistic test simulations to assess and improve students’ knowledge, critical thinking, and test-taking skills. All these ensure success in nursing exams and licensure tests.


  • Let you track clinical progress
  • Loads of medical exam content

Prices: Free

10. Oxford Dictionary of Nursing

Oxford Dictionary of Nursing - App for Nursing Students

If you are looking for a more advanced dictionary, then check out the following Nursing Dictionary app. It’s a great option for you to find out crucial medical research topics, diseases, treatments, nursing specializations, and anatomy. More so, the app is also available on Android and iOS platforms.


  • Offers you word of the day
  • Saves your search history
  • Let you rename folders

Prices: Free


That marks the end of our in-depth analysis of these helpful 10 best apps for nursing students. If you are an aspiring nursing student, you should check out these apps. No doubt, these apps will provide you with the best support and information during your academic and internship year.

As a nursing student, you should have enough space on your phone for these apps. Meanwhile, you should also not have each app on your phone. Rather check out the features and choose which one to go for.

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