Hospice Nursing

Job Outlook, Salaries and the Future of Hospice Nursing

When a nurse chooses a career in hospice nursing, they are well aware of the emotional and physical struggle. It means they have a strong mental fortitude and are usually well prepared for the job. Their ability to focus and execute solutions in the face of uncertainty or adversity is one of their key skills.

Apart from their usual educational qualification and certification there are some other qualifications and personality traits that help the hospice nurses stand out from the rest and that is why they are compensated well enough and are given good enough salaries. Their job outlook looks impressive too, the future of hospice nursing appears to be promising. Below is a more detailed description of a career in hospice nursing.

Non-educational Job Qualification

Hospice Nursing

Hospice nursing always deals with patients who are at the end stage of their lives. What the patient might be going through won’t probably be understood by anyone else other than a hospice nurse. That is because hospice nurse in their career goes through the same situations countless times, at some point, they become well used to dealing with situations like this. Well, it is not a job qualification but what it is, is the compassion and empathy and the love they can provide the patients.

They provide emotional and spiritual support to their patients in times of need. They have strong resilience as they are always in a state of emotional wreckage. At times the nurses get depressed and broken but they usually have the capabilities to bounce back and start working again. As hospice nurses, they need to communicate all the time, very often they have seen a bridge between the patients, patients’ families, and other healthcare members.

They need to have good interpersonal skills as they work with so many patients and need to communicate so very much. Terminally ill patients are usually very sensitive to issues so the nurses are required to have patience, and as the patients are very delicate to handle, they need to do their job accurately and precisely. And since the patients are delicate to handle, they need to have keen observation skills; the patients need to be monitored and guided from time to time, checking the vitals and monitoring the heart rate is an essential and emergency task since the patients are terminally ill.

Hospice nursing is required to coordinate with various people even apart from the patient and their family, for example, the priest, chaplain, the healthcare members so top-notch organization skill is required.
And last but not the least, critical thinking skills, hospice nurses are generally always under pressure and always on the go, they get very little time to do one task to another, which is why critical thinking skill is required in order to deftly perform those tasks without any hesitation.

Job Outlook and Salary

Hospice Nursing

The healthcare field is always in hot demand, hospice nursing being no exception.
The employment rate is positive and even though their salaries might is not the highest-paid among hospice nursing specialties, most of the nurses are satisfied as their job is noble and virtuous.

Depending on where they work, hospice nurses have various salary rates. Some get paid hourly while others get paid annually. There are also many other factors that extend and narrow the salary range, location, experience, roles are the prime factors that decide the salaries of the nurses. Below is a list of cities for the highest paying cities for hospice nurses.

  • Monterey: $41.73
  • Dallas, TX: $39.37
  • Lansing, MI: $38.68
  • Cincinnati, OH: $38.19
  • Allentown, PA: $38.08
  • Riverside, CA: #37.93
  • Las Vegas, NV: $37.34
  • Cleveland, OH: $36.85
  • Spearfish, SD: $35.05
  • Jacksonville, NCL: $33.22

The basic average salary remains the same in whichever work settings they are in or whichever organization they are working under. The average annual salary lies between $65,000 and $82,566.
Hospice nurses who generally work in cities tend to receive  more than who work in the outskirts of town or in rural areas, wherever the living cost is more, the salaries tend to be more as well. Honestly, the monetary value isn’t much to compensate enough considering the emotional and spiritual wreckage they go through.


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