Good Grades

How to Succeed and Get Good Grades in Nursing School

“How to succeed and get good grades”
To some it feels like a magic spell while to others it is like their regular day task.
Good Grades, Good Grades, & Good Grades!

This is all what we hear in our student life, “Get good grades”, “grades give you jobs” etc.
While it is without a doubt that grade is indeed an important factor in our academic life but it is also true that if we follow certain methods or procedures, getting good grades becomes easier and with less stress.
And if we take “ Nursing School” into consideration, many have the adequate knowledge to pass nursing school with good grades but they somehow fail to do good results and thus fall into depression.
Nursing School is very challenging and dynamic, once falling behind means getting back it becomes tougher and more challenging.

And if you are a family person, trying to manage home, work, and studies could put a lot of pressure and it is easier to lag, procrastinate or simply fall behind so below is a compiled list of the best possible suggestions or advice that could help you or your fellow nursing student get good grades.

1. Know how you learn

Every person has a unique study pattern or study method, not everyone can follow a general study pattern. Everyone has a unique way to consume knowledge and experience. For example, some find it easier to learn the human body using 3D simulation while others rely only on books.
Some like to study via computers or digital methods and some likes to study textbooks, this clearly depends on the individuals, you need to find out your comfort zone, in what method you can absorb information easily.

There are students who learn only through interactive videos or video tutorials, there are students who fall asleep while reading textbooks even though their numbers are quite small. Everyone learns differently, so it is important to figure out whether you’re a visual, auditory, kinesthetic or a combination of all these.

2. Maintain a study pattern

Good Grades

Studying nursing means filling up your brain with vast information and knowledge, there is no end to learning nursing, you’re always learning something new so it is better to follow regularity and a pattern from school, it’ll help you with good grades and further in your career.

So what does being regularity means? It means you need to study every day, even if it’s just a little bit, you need to store information in your brain, your brain needs to know that you are not slacking off or procrastinating. Besides if you’re thinking you’re going to cram a semester’s worth of study in the week,

well it is close to impossible due to the amount of information they learn in class. Commit yourself to learn every day even if it is just a page or a line, this will help maintain regularity and it’ll help when the exam comes. The primary focus of this method is to feel less overwhelmed when the exam comes and retain more information.

3. Never miss taking notes

If you’re good at taking notes then you’re already halfway through getting a good grade. There aren’t many opportunities to retake a class but what you can do is take notes or audio record it. Notes help you to identify the areas of study that your teacher wants you to learn, taking notes forces your mind to pay attention in the class.

And audio recording is an efficient way to record class lectures, remembering every info the teacher delivers is close to impossible but if you record the class lecture on your audio device you can hear it repeatedly while you work or sleep or even you eat. Good note and recording class lectures makes it easier for you to study later on your own and remember answers that may be presented on your test.

4. Group study

Good Grades

Point to be noted is that this trick isn’t for everyone, while there are students who like to study alone or individually, and then there are students who understand better while studying in a group. But make sure if you’re joining a group, they should be as dedicated as you are. The advantage of studying in a group is that the identification of problems becomes easier, not everyone is good at everything, if you’re good at physiology then most likely your friend could be good at anatomy and co-incidentally you are weak in anatomy.

The purpose of a group study is to support each other’s weaknesses and help them overcome them by using their strength in whatever field they have. The group should be working as one unit. The biggest disadvantage of a group study is that it’s really easy to lose focus and slack off, if one person starts slacking there are chances that the rest of the group might as well. So be picky while you’re choosing a group, make sure everyone is focused and needs as much as help as you and obviously don’t be that person that slacks off in the group!

5. Hire a tutor

As said before, some students prefer to study individually and not in a group, when you’re studying alone it’s better to hire a tutor that will assist you in your studies.
Sometimes there will be topics that will be hard to catch or you won’t be able to comprehend easily, there are topics that are hard to understand, a good tutor will be able to take a complex topic and break it down into parts so that you can easily understand it and gain good grades.

Most importantly a good tutor will provide you with direct feedback and will be able to guide you in the right direction and identify where you are struggling in your education so that you can quickly improve yourself and your ability to perform well in school.

But beware, choose your teacher wisely, different teachers have different methods of teaching, you might not be able to familiarize yourself with every teaching method, so when you’re choosing a teacher, make sure that they match your personality and you can easily comprehend their teaching method, so be picky in this case as well.


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