12 Most Needed Gadgets for Nurses & Nursing Students

12 Most Cool Gadgets for Nurses & Nursing Students

Having updated gadgets for nurses & nursing students is a must to deal with their daily duties. But finding the perfect gadgets is not that easy. In this article, we will discuss 12 gadgets and tech tools that are essential for nurses and nursing students.

To name a few, gadgets such as the Vein Finder, Vein Finder, KardiaMobile, and others. These gadgets will make your intense shifts way easier. Perhaps, you will be more prepared for the shifts and varsity. Let’s explore them.

List of 12 Gadgets for Nurses & Nursing Students

Let’s explore the 12 most needed gadgets for nurses & nursing students that are based on 2023:

1. USB Voice Recorder:

As a nursing student, you should record your lectures and lessons for later usage. It will help you to remember your lessons afterward. The best part is, the USB voice recorder has a small switch on it. In fact, you could turn it on and off easily.

USB Voice Recorder - one of the best Gadgets for nurses

Moreover, the voice recorder has lighting which makes it easy to use. The compact size of it makes it easy to carry even in a pocket. When you are done recording, simply plug it into any PC or laptop. It’s better to remember that the device records audio. WAV format.

2. Vein Finder:

Unlike the traditional method, Vein Finder gadgets will let you find even in the fastest way possible. In the following viewfinder, you will get a red light emitter. The light will let you detect the exact points of the veins within a few seconds. As a result, you could do your task without wasting any time.

Vein Finder - one of the best Gadgets for nurses

As a result, your patients don’t have to wait for tasks such as injections and others. More so, the device has the capability to close the veins and stretch the skin. Overall, it’s a great piece of equipment that you should take a look at as a nursing student.

3. Kindle:

The Kindles are a great device for any nursing student. Because it offers you on-demand access to a wide range of books. As a result, you could get access to any nursing or medical books. Most of all, these Kindle units are lightweight and easy to carry.

Kindle - Gadget for nurses

In fact, the following device is affordable to have. Moreover, it works great even without the internet. You could take your books and other documents with it. Having these kinds of devices will help you to get better at your nursing career.

4. Livescribe Echo Smart Pen:

It’s a unique pen that has smart features. For example, it has the feature to record all of your lectures. The pen records voice in a clear format. It’s a handy gadget that every medical professional should have in their product.

Livescribe Echo Smart Pen - one of the best Gadgets for nurses

The best part about the pen is it lets you start recording at any moment. Whether you are in a seminar or an important meeting, the pen will record the entire session. More so, it’s easy to connect to any computer device. Hence, make sure you have one while you are in nursing school.

5. Posture Sensor:

When you are doing long shifts in the hospital, it’s easy to forget about your posture. To help you out, the mentioned posture seconds will help a lot. These posture sensor often comes with vibrating sensors. When you keep your body bent for a specific time period the vibrating scissor will let you out.

Posture Sensor - best Gadget for nurses

Along with the alarm, often the kits come with additional features. Like, it could count on your steps, calorie burn, sleeping time, and so on. This is why, it’s essential for you to have these kinds of gadgets with you.

6. Ampule Opener/Cracker:

You will agree that the opening Ampule is a difficult task. If you don’t focus enough the glass might break into your skin. To avoid this kind of situation, having an Ampule Opener/Cracker is the way to go. Because that’s how you get to open these glass lids safely.

Ampule Opener/Cracker - Gadget for nurses

These open kits are easy to carry and use. It saves your fingers from the spiky glasses. Plus, it makes your task a lot easier and quicker. Your shifts will be a lot more hassle-free and clean.

7. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch:

As a nurse, you have to keep on moving in your shifts. You would love to have a smartwatch that monitors your physical condition all the time. As a result, you could track different parameters such as the heart rate, pulse, steps, and other key information.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch - one of the best Gadgets for nurses

Plus, these smart watches come with a replaceable silicon band. These bands are comfortable to wear and flexible according to your wrist size. In fact, they are sweat resistant and provide you with long-term support.

8. Wior Medical Lapel Watch:

For someone who doesn’t like the smartwatch, it’s better to have a Lapel Watch. These kinds of watches are typically placed on top of the cloth. These are also convenient to carry around. You don’t have to carry it on hand. Instead, you have to flip the watch and check out the time.

Wior Medical Lapel Watch - best Gadget for nurses

However, the watch might feel a bit heavy for some people. But, there are some lighter versions of these kinds of watches as well. As these watches are available in different sizes and shapes, it’s a lot easier to choose from.

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9. KardiaMobile:

In simple words, is a pocket-sized EKG device that allows you to record a medical-grade EKG on your smartphone. You only have to place it on a specific place on the patient’s body and it will tell the heart condition. 

KardiaMobile - Gadget for nurses

Right after you place the device in a specific place, the app will then record your EKG for 30 seconds. It also can help you to get a real-time view of your heart rhythm. As a nurse, you should have these kinds of devices for quick observation of the patient. 

10. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock:

As a medical professional, you need to be on point with your shifts. Perhaps, you need a better alarm clock in the morning. But in comparison to traditional alarm clocks, the following one is a bit different. It eliminates the light over a 30-minute period giving you enough time to wake up.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock - Gadget for nurses

With a 30-minute timeframe, you will get a gentle message about the sunrise. As a result, you will get more effective at waking up in the morning. The alarm clock works like a sunrise where the light gets brighter over time. 

11. LED Wearable Light by First Lifesaver:

If you need emergency lighting with you but don’t want to have it on hand, then use the mentioned gadget. These kinds of gadgets will help you to see things in a low-lighting environment. Even if you are in a surgery room.

LED Wearable Light by First Lifesaver - one of the best Gadgets for nurses

To give you more advantage, most of the LED light kit comes with different kinds of lighting. You can switch between the lighting right away. More so, the whole unit is powered by a coin cell battery. Plus, the unit can be placed over your shift dress and you don’t have to carry it overhand. 

12. Steering Wheel Desk Tray by EcoNour:

For every course, you may come upon the necessary documents. Or you might have to have a quick meal during the shift. Either way, you could have the portable Steering Wheel Desk Tray by EcoNour. You could have the portable desk during your shift and use it anytime you want.

Steering Wheel Desk Tray by EcoNour - best Gadget for nurses

These desks are made with durable plastic material. As a result, they are resistant to liquid material. Plus, they are easy to clean out as well. All in all, The Steering Wheel Desk Tray is a versatile and convenient way for nurses to stay productive and comfortable while they are on the go.


You will admit, technology is becoming increasingly important in the nursing profession. There are a number of gadgets and tech tools that can help nurses to be more efficient, productive, and safe. Moreover, these are the 12 coolest gadgets for nurses & nursing students which is a must.

These are just a few of the many gadgets and tech tools that can be used by nurses. As technology continues to evolve, there will be even more tools available to help nurses provide the best possible care for their patients.

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