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5 of the best places for nursing job in abroad

Wherever you work, in whatever field your concentration is, at some point in your life your job might feel repetitive; you might feel like you are stuck in one position, unable to go up. In the profession of nursing jobs, there is no exception.
Things might also seem a bit boring; maybe you might be seeking some adventure in your profession, then jobs abroad are a great experience for people who want a little adventure in their lives and also like to travel. Though there is an option of switching to a travel nurse from a regular nurse but opportunities are limited if you are not highly skilled.

Nursing Jobs in abroad can boost your career in various ways; nursing at an international level can provide both personal and professional growth. Treating patients whose background, life experiences, and culture are different than your own will expose you to different types of medical treatments and procedures, teach you a new way of approaching problems, and help you communicate better with patients from all walks of life, thus helping you to ‘grow’ as a person. Administering medication to patients with who you are not familiar is a big deal, approaching something new in an unfamiliar situation provides immense experience and flourishes your creativity.

But there are some drawbacks; they do not recognize your diploma from your own country. You need to pass exams and get certification from there, then again if you’re qualified enough the exams won’t be much of an obstacle. Then there’s the language barrier, not all countries speak or understand English; to work in some countries you need to learn their language to a certain extent that you understand what they’re saying or they understand what you’re trying to say.

But on a positive note, working in abroad will teach you new ways of communicating cross-culturally which is actually an important skill. With the global shortage of nurses, nurses are leaving their homeland to work in different parts of the world to earn experience, knowledge and lead a better life. Below is the best compiled list of some of the best places for nurses to work in abroad.

1. Australia

Australia is one of those countries where you don’t have to face any language barrier if you are from any English speaking country or if you’re slightly proficient in English. The Australian Healthcare System is also one of the most advanced and modern in this era. Both their private and public healthcare system takes the best aspects and combines them to create a service that is worth working for.

The average wage is between $45,000 – $78,000 (£24,000 – £41,000), depending on experience and training the salaries to increase or decrease but the average remuneration remains the same. When you’re newly in the country and apply for a nursing job, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) perform skills assessments, checks qualifications and if needed recommends them to take an assessment exam for authentic verification.

2. United States

Nursing Job

Why do you think America is indeed the land of opportunities? The demands for registered nurses are notably high there and as their population is very high their need for healthcare is also very demanding. With an average annual salary of around USD 67,490 for registered nurses, the majority of the migratory nurses look for opportunities here.

But getting the job isn’t easy, Foreign nurses require a Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) certificate or a full and unrestricted license to practice professional nursing in the state of intended employment (NCLEX) before they can start their nursing practice in hospitals, clinics or any healthcare organizations.

Even if you don’t have a license or a certification, you can start working in nursing homes or elderly care centers but to work in a hospital, certification is mandatory. Besides the academic stuff, nurses are advised to be open-minded and acceptable to a new change as opportunities are always coming and going there.

3. Japan

Japan has the longest life expectancies in the world with over 30% of the population are over 65. Japan is amongst the oldest and culturally diverse population in the world. Due to the longevity of the population, the younger generation is being dominated by the old ones and due to this demographic crisis, Japan intends to import younger workers such as nurses and healthcare members to fill up the hole that is being left by the younger generation of their country and function everything normally.

The main problem is the language barrier; the Japanese are not proficient in English, so learning Japanese is a must at least to communicate, not to forget that Japanese is also not the easiest language to learn. The pay is also good for foreign nurses, on average; they make around 500,000 yen a month depending on their experience and language proficiency and also finding a visa into the country is not a big obstacle so one must be very proficient in Japanese before applying for a working job.

4. The United Kingdom

Nursing Job

Even though the language is almost as same as in the US, the healthcare system however is not. The UK healthcare system functions very differently than the US or any English speaking nation. If you can manage to get a visa to work in the U.K., you’ll most likely find yourself part of the National Healthcare System, one of the largest healthcare providers in the current world. UK presents great career opportunities as the National Health Service (NHS) relies a lot on foreign medical professionals. The annual salary of a nurse is around USD 27,249 to USD 35,400 depending on experience and qualifications.

5. The Middle East

In the Middle East, starting salaries for nursing jobs are about $36,000 to $42,000.

The entry requirements are not easy though, the barriers they face are the language and cultural barriers. It’s not unknown that in most places in the Middle East, for example in Saudi Arabia, the women do not get much freedom to work; Saudi is a conservative country thus the work freedom for women are limited but if they can work abide by the rules and regulation, the opportunities are immense, they give good pay and benefits to their nurses and the facilities they receive are top notch as well. There are some other notable benefits, for example

Tax free salaries

Free accommodation

Free flights

Generous annual leave

Free medical car.

There are some cities that are paying the highest level of salary for nurses. To know more about the cities and paying scale for nurses visit another blog called “8 Highest Paying Cities for Nurses“.


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