Homely Dog Breeds for Nurses

Best Homely Dog Breeds for Nurses

A recent survey has showed that nurses nowadays are more inclined to keeping a pet with them as their companion outside their work. Nursing is one of the most caring and noble profession in the world. Nurses care and heal people regardless of their physical or mental problems. They are also in need of affection sometimes, besides human beings, pets are wonderful affectionate beings.

Among the pets, dogs are always considered a man’s best friend. Dogs are loyal and loveable. They don’t have any ulterior motive to show affection (unlike some other pets, maybe cats?!). There are many breeds that are easy-going and able to stay alone for some time (since nurses have long shifts). Here are some of the best homely dog breeds for Nurses –

1. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest dog breed! They love people and they tend to bond with only single person. They are usually timid around strangers. Since Chihuahuas are so small, they are easily portable; you can probably carry them in a tote bag!

Chihuahuas are really loyal and will follow you from room to room after a busy work shift; they’ll provide you with love and affection. These small guys are extremely snuggled able. Do keep in mind that if Chihuahuas are not trained well, they tend to be aggressive. However, if you treat and train them right, they’ll be your favorite companion.

2. Basset Hound

Although Basset Hound were trained for hunting in the past, but currently they are the face of hush puppies. They are extremely lazy and laid back. You never have to give effort in taking them out for a walk or doing exercise. After a long of day work, they’ll be a good pillow since most of them are really squishy. They are larger than Chihuahuas but still portable. You cannot leave Basset Hound alone for a long period of time, they easily get lonely. Always make sure you have a partner for it or someone who can look after it if you’re away.

3. French Bulldog

Homely Dog Breeds for Nurses

French bulldog also known as companion dogs are one of the most active and alert dog breeds out there. They will make your day when you see them getting excited to see you after a long day of work. These small French pups are great indoor buddies; they’ll play with you whenever you want them to. French bulldogs are always excited to play with you! They do not require intense workout. You can take them out for a short walk and they’ll be happy with just that. They love to sleep on laps so if you like warm gentle snuggles, they are for you.

4. Maltese

Maltese are extremely white and fluffy; sometimes they look like a cloud. Even though at first glance they might look like they require a high maintenance which is a common misunderstanding among pet enthusiasts because they do not require such high maintenance, they love only a regular brushing which you will quite enjoy doing it! They have multi personalities; some of them love to sleep while the others are extremely sporty. They are good as therapy dogs as well, they cannot live alone for long period of time as they require regular attention, and these dogs are perfect for travel nurses because the dogs are small and portable and you can carry them for work and give them attention.

5. Pug

If you want a dog to make you laugh then pugs will be your best friend! They are the funny dogs everyone loves. Pugs were originally bred to be a lap dog. They love companionship and they’ll do anything to make their owner happy. After long hour shifts, seeing these dogs will make even your worst days wholesome. Pugs require minimal exercises so you don’t have to worry about taking them out for a walk regularly.

6. Boston Terrier

Homely Dog Breeds for Nurses

Boston Terriers also known as “American Gentleman” are laidback in nature. They are gentle and affectionate, they also have tuxedo like markings on their body, thus the American Gentleman! Moreover, they were originally a fighter in the past but all they do now is give you love and affection.

Boston Terriers are gentle and friendly around strangers and they only bark at the mailman and milkman (No one knows why!). They are one of the breed who can be left alone for a long time. Furthermore, they can easily adapt to any environment. Besides, they just love the TV so if you’re leaving them alone for long shifts, just turn on the TV and leave them food. They’ll make themselves comfy with just that.

7. Greyhound

Looks can be deceiving! This goes perfectly with this dog. Due to their long physique and running capability most people tend to think they require high maintenance of some sort. However, in reality they are known as couch potato. They have laid back nature and are extremely homely. Whether you live alone or with family, they’ll provide you and the people around you with love and affection. Greyhounds are very cool and chilled; they like napping more than anything and enjoy walks a lot. They are amazing jogging partners and can adapt to any environment. Moreover they are extremely loyal, once you show them affection you’ll have a friend for life.

8. Dachshunds

An intelligent breed of dog with unique physical appearance. They are often considered adorable due to their big ears, long bodies, and wide eyes. They are very introverted so if you live in an apartment, they can be an ideal dog. Besides, they like staying indoors so you don’t have to give a lot of effort into taking them out for a walk or doing exercise with them. They love playing with their owner and they’ll show affection when you play with them. Dachshunds always try to stick by your side and will do household chores for you. The only drawback of them is that they sometimes bark a lot and are very sensitive to sound.


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