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Best DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Nurses

It’s almost that time of the year again where you get to give your loved ones something special, something they will appreciate. Since Valentine’s Day is a bit trickier than other celebrations, you need to be careful in choosing presents or gifts. Whenever you’re choosing presents, there are some criteria you need to follow. Since you’re reading this article, it means your special one must be a nurse. We’ve prepared a list of the most creative and cute DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for nurses.

Handmade gifts are always more special than store bought gifts, there’s no doubt about it. Make your loved one feel special by making a gift with your own hand. DIY gifts require only time and effort and a bit of crafty skills, you can make them extraordinary gifts with ordinary household items. We tried to choose some of the easiest and fastest DIY projects we could find, for further help you can always check out YouTube tutorials but below we’re going to give some ideas on what you can prepare yourself.

1. Knitted Heart and Hand Warmers

If you have the knack for knitting, then warmers & pillows could be just about the perfect romantic gifts. Give your heart away to your special one by knitting them a heart shaped pillow! Or show them your warmth embracement by knitting hand warmers for them! All you need is some needles, thread and your effort!

2. Love Mug

Gifts for Nurses

This might seem like the most clichéd gift but with just a little bit of creativity and using your imagination, you can turn even the most clichéd gift into a unique one. Instead of buying a pre-made mug, buy a white or black one and use markers to make it interesting. For example, as you would be probably be thinking of giving it to a nurse, what you can write on the mug is “To that someone who gives me premature ventricular contractions” it means that special someone makes your heart beat faster or even skip a beat! Well, this is just an example, for your own, think of something that your special person might love.

3. Valentine’s Card

Yet another overused mainstream gift but still works like a charm if you can make it properly. Come up with your own design or just borrow some designs from the internet and mix those up to make a unique one. Just grab some crafting papers and art materials and start making your own. You can use glitters and ribbons to give it a shiny look or you can just keep it simple by using basic art supplies. Since valentine’s card is very common, just make sure to keep it just a bit special or unique by giving it a touch of your own!

4. Heart Shaped Cupcake.

If you have the skills in baking then never miss out on making this! And I mean never! Heart Shaped cupcakes are one the most romantic things you can ever make, make a couple of them and put them in a box and attach a letter of appreciation or love to them as a complimentary gift with it, you can also make Nurse EKG Cookies and put her/his name on it. You can bake them as well and as a cherry on top, you can design a heartbeat on them. These baked gifts could be the most romantic and fun gift as well as delicious!

5. Candy Bottles.

Gifts for Nurses

This is the easiest one to make on the list, just get some good quality candies and a recycled transparent bottle, and if possible get a recycled soda bottle because those bottles are perfect to fit the candies inside. Then print out some personalized labels, write something lovey-dovey and stick it to the bottle. You can try decorating the bottles as well with ribbons and thread otherwise you can keep it subtle and simple.

6. Chalkboard Heart Frames

This is a tricky one to make; you need to have deft skills in crafting and designing. What you need is a chalkboard (Obviously!), wooden frames, spray paint, sandpaper and chalks. There are various YouTube tutorials on how to make these, just follow the YouTube tutorials precisely and you’ll definitely carve out the perfect chalkboard heart frames! What you can do with the chalkboard heart frames is stick it over a scrapbook paper or stick a photo inside it. You can design it in lots of ways with the right amount of art skills.

7. Shower bombs

A shower bomb is one of the best relaxations, with its unique smell and bubbles, you cannot feel but get intrigued and get one for your loved one. Here’s a secret – not too many people know that you can make your own shower bomb at home, most people just buy them from departmental stores. Then why not just surprise your favorite person with a homemade customized shower bomb! There are hundreds of YouTube tutorials which show how to make shower bombs at home, just make sure to pick a soothing scent.

8. Snow Globe

Snow Globes aren’t definitely only Christmas themed presents; you can give this to anyone on any special occasion. Just make sure to add a little customization of your own. For example, instead of a regular globe, add a heart emoji globe or stethoscope globe inside the cube or bottle. It can be a really cute gift if you think of it as a decorative gift.

9. Love potion

well, if your loved one is into fantasy stuff then you can always give her a cute love potion. These are really easy to make, the tricky thing is to find the right sized bottle, too big or too small can make it look awkward. So when you find the right sized bottle, make sure to put some liquid that actually resembles a love potion. You can put regular water or even bath bubbles which would be quite quirky and cute.

10. Heart Dominoes

Buy one set of dominoes, and then use art materials to customize it. This heart themed can be a leisure time activity and you can also play it around on Valentine’s day!

When somebody takes their precious time and effort to make something for you, then you can’t help but treasure it. Not only for Valentine’s day, but you can make any nurse happy on any day with creative DIY gifts.


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