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7 Best Gifts for Nursing Graduates

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Best Gifts

Graduating from any discipline is a major accomplishment and even more honorable if it is in nursing. Passing the nursing exams is very hard, the overall passing rate is quite low and your fellow nurse friend/companion/family has worked quite hard for it. They’ve made you proud and now it’s your turn to give them something in return.

Now that they’ve graduated, the range for selecting the best gifts has expanded as well; you can give them something childish, something soothing, now even something practical they can utilize in real life.

Someone who has been a nursing student for 4/5 years will either be deep in love with nursing or immerse themselves with great hatred, it’s usually the first one though. Someone who loves nursing also loves anything related to nursing. Below is the best-compiled list our newly graduated nurses might love!


Cash may seem like the most “least put effort” gift but considering the amount of money they put through the whole undergraduate life in nursing school for tuition, textbooks, medical tools and other necessary stuff, they will most likely appreciate some monetary gift like cash(check as well).

With cash they can buy literally anything so one thing is for sure that none will be disappointed with money. Who doesn’t love money?

Literally no one!
The situation may arise where you do not have the opportunity to buy gifts for them or maybe you forget to give them something, cash can be a last resort gift!

Depending on how close you are to them, you can estimate an amount.
$50 sounds fair, there is basically no limit, it’s about how much you can afford and what amount looks standard.

2. Gift Cards

best gifts

What could possibly be the next best alternative to cash? Definitely gift cards! While cash can get you anything, gift cards are no less. Gift cards are often considered as charming presents because unlike cash, sometimes you don’t feel like you’re buying something with your own money and with gift cards the feeling is the same as receiving gifts. Even though gift cards have some limitation, it’s still worth it.

These days there’s a gift card for everything. Since the nurses have just graduated, the most useful ones would be from the nursing/medical shops. Most healthcare organizations have a strict clothes policy, you can’t just wear anything out of the uniform code. The least they can do is pick the uniforms themselves, aside from the uniforms there are gift cards for medical tools as well. Apart from the medical shops, you can also get them gift cards from their favorite places, for example, restaurants, airlines, gift shops, hotels and many others.

3. Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, I don’t believe there is any girl who won’t love it. Jewelry as a gift can be very charming and elegant. Whether it’s a necklace or a bracelet, if you have a good taste in any kind of jewelry or ornaments, the gift you pick will look visually pleasing.  A piece of jewelry is no less than any other gift; jewelry can be both expensive and cheap.

The cheap does not tend to last long so if it’s possible, get the standard priced ones. There are customized jewelry available just for the nurses, for example, the registered nurse charm bracelet, simply looks beautiful. The bracelet has an engraved name tag for the person you are willing to give. There are also nursing based necklaces, some of these customized jewelries can look very posh.
Even apart from the regular jewelry, accessories such as watches or purses can also be considered great gifts!

4. Nursing goodie bag

A goodie bag isn’t just about putting random things inside a bag; it’s more than just that. It shows your creativity with gifts and your thoughtfulness. Selecting a goodie bag is tougher than you think, a nurse who is a graduate now has now a more diverse taste than she was as a nursing student.

The first step is selecting a bag, the bag is the first impression of the big and it should be good, for example, The Nurse Mates Ultimate Nursing Bag is perfect for any new nurse, it’s one of the highest selling nursing bags on amazon. Then comes the list of things you’d like to put inside the bag. You can make a list of all the stuff you want inside the bag.
It can be medical tools such as a stethoscope or nursing clipboard. Nursing apparel such as scrubs or uniforms. Moisturizers, hand sanitizers, etc.
Clothing such as compression stocks, Scarfs or even durable shoes if it fits!

And the list goes on….
There are varieties of stuff you can pick but do make sure the gifts will be useful to the nurse!

5. Personalized Gifts

best gifts

This can be a tricky gift, the respective person you’re giving the gift to either might like it or hate it. Some people don’t like getting their names embodied or engraved to any accessory or clothing and some might think it’s way too personal.
But this can be an elegant gift nonetheless. For example, take a bracelet or a necklace and engrave their initials or name it. Even if they don’t like it, you can give them handmade gifts such as handmade nurse flannel lap quilts, lap quilts are very cozy and comfy and can help the nurses to decompress and let some stress out after a long shift.

If customized jewelry seems too personal then you can order customized nursing clipboards or nursing pens, nurses literally love anything related to nursing!

6. Medical tools

A newly graduate nurse will be basically need everything starting from a clipboard to a stethoscope. A gift is a great gift when the person received can utilize it to its full extent, important things such as pens, stethoscopes, cutting instruments can be extremely convenient and helpful. Some of these include the very basic things a nurse needs when she starts working for a healthcare organization.

7. Vacation/Surprise party!

This is the odd one out of the list, vacations and surprise parties might not be a long term presents but some short and sweet moments impacts more than some long term gifts. You can show your creativity by organizing a surprise party for your fellow nursing friend/companion/family; it’ll show how much you care. It’s both thoughtful and creative. Vacations are luxurious gifts but if you can afford it, it could be the best gift ever! Think of a peaceful place and send your fellow nurses there before they officially start work! It’ll relieve them of stress and refresh them before they dive deep into the pressure of nursing!

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