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Best Christmas Presents for Nurses

Christmas presents

A gift is not just given to someone on Christmas or birthday; it can be given at any time on any occasion.
Gifts show affection and love towards the people we give, gifts can be given for any specific reason or regardless of any reason. Whenever we put a thought into buying Christmas presents, we don’t just give them whatever pops into our mind when visiting a gift shop. By putting a thought, we actually make a set of lists and criteria of how the gift should be, whether it’s on our mind or on paper. Lots of factors come into play while buying or making a gift; for example,

our relationship with the person, their profession or how personal the gift should be. Furthermore, their personality and their preferences also matter along with what they are into or what they like in the present time. Most importantly, the quality of the gift matters. Two of the relevant factors are the profession and occasion; for example, Nursing and Christmas. The nursing profession is extremely stressful and hectic; Christmas is one of those holidays where they get a break. So if you have a partner who is a nurse or a family member who is into nursing, the below list is for you.

1. Compression Socks

Nurses are always on their feet! Be it working on a 12+ hours shift or doing house chores in winter. A good pair of comfy socks can make their daily life a bit easier, compression socks are generally 75% cotton, it helps with the blood circulation. If you’re on your feet all day, your legs are bound to get swollen, that’s where it comes handy.

Compression socks are built in such a way that it reduces soreness and keeps the veins of legs in check. Compression socks can reduce various muscle pains and muscle related issues. Besides, the socks do not look boring at all, in fact the socks comes in all kinds of colors and design and especially the
Christmas designs looks very charming and attractive.

2. Personalized stethoscope

Christmas Presents

Every nurse needs a stethoscope. A stethoscope is like the heart of a nurse’s duty, while it’s true every nurse does carry a stethoscope with them but a personalized stethoscope can make a big difference both mentally and spiritually. A personalized stethoscope feels closer to the heart because it was made personally for the respective person; it gives a moral boost and elevates them mentally. Stethoscopes are not cheap unfortunately, and without a name tag it might get misplaced or lost so it’s better to add a name tag with the stethoscope to make it secure and feel more personal.

3. Prescription Coffee Mug

Imagine a cold winter night where someone is drinking hot cocoa in a strange mug that looks like a prescription pill bottle! No matter how bizarre that sounds, a Prescription Coffee Mug can be an amazing and innovative gift for a nurse. The design features the mug as the prescribed medicine as well as some funny descriptions about the beverage you are drinking for example, coffee or cocoa. A normal mug can hold up to fifteen ounce of liquid. It is waterproof and microwave-safe. It’s fun to use it in hospitals and clinics. This gift can be full of humor and love at the same time!

4. Portable massager

This item is one of the most important and essential gift in this list! Imagine working 12+ hours’ shifts every day and still working here and there, that takes a huge toll on the body and gradually the body starts to function less and less and becomes ineffective due to extreme stress and workload. This handy portable massager could be the ultimate stress reliever during workdays and also on vacation days. Nurses are always busy and barely gets free time, let alone visit a masseuse. A portable massager can always come handy whenever in need.

5. Book – New Nurse’s Survival Guide

At first a book might seem like a really ordinary gift but this book is more than just a book!

No, it’s still a book but also a survival guide, this book is especially effective for the nurses that recently entered the profession. It’s no secret that nursing is one of the most stressful profession out there and for newly graduate nursing students it might seem like a survival in the beginning, this book has all the tips and tricks to how to survive nursing! The book also contains real life stories from nurses who survived and is doing pretty good in their profession. If you are looking for a gift for someone who just entered nursing and is struggling or needs motivation, this is the perfect book.

There is not the only one book that can motivate a nurse. You can find so many inspirational books for nurses from where you can choose the best match with the person you choose to give gift.

6. Pocket organizer kit

Christmas Presents

This small and handy kit whether it’s bought or handmade can be the most helpful gift for a nurse, especially for a nurse who is always disorganized. Being a nurse means you need to have all the small medical tools with you all the time. This small kit can fit starting from scissors to pens to penlight etc. As this is a pocket kit, a nurse can keep it with her all the time in her long shifts. A nurse can carry it in her waist as it has a sturdy plastic clip or she can attach it on her belt.

7. Nurse sweater

A comfy and customized nurse sweater can be the most sweetest and charming gift ever! No matter what kind of nurse they are, they all generally love any presents related to nursing and as Christmas is in the time of cold, this could be the perfect opportunity to give them a nice sweater they can wear all day. Wearing the sweater all day will also remind them of the person who gave them this gift so if you adore the respective person and want yourself to be remembered all the time, this is the most suitable gift then. Besides, a nice comfy sweater always lifts the holiday spirit in that time of the year.

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