Medical-Surgical Nursing

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Surgical Nursing

Medical-surgical nursing is often considered as the foundation of the nursing practice. Once it was viewed as an entry level position but today it has become a comprehensive nursing specializing of its own. Med-surgical nursing has gone through revolution, now it’s one of the most exciting and challenging nursing specialty. This field is no longer seen as a stepping-stone but an advanced field in the nursing sector. Med-surge nurses are one the most common form nursing specialty.

The medical-surgical nursing field is very diverse and the knowledge and skills required to survive in this field is vast as well. They are skillful coordinators and efficient multitaskers. They not only prevent disease and help patients recover from sickness or physical problems but also provide a holistic care as they approach a broader sense of care.

A medical-surgical nurse strives much harder to survive than most specialties because they are the foundation of the nursing care system. They are energetic and they love to be busy. They are deft in all the basic and primary skills and they can easily cope up with any medical situations whether it’s emergency or regular, because that is how they are taught and trained from nursing school to workplace.

Medical-surgical nursing serves as the backbone of adult care. The patients they receive often arrive with complex diagnoses and complex needs, that is why a medical-surgical nurse needs to be flexible in all areas of her duty and be versatile in her care. Even apart from their regular tasks, they also do basic activities like cleaning the wound, emptying drains, passing meds, advocating the patients etc.Med-surge nurses are extremely dynamic; they are always on the go both physically and mentally, they are always coordinating with patients, their families, their fellow nurses, their supervisors and what not!

One of the best thing about the med-surge nurses is that they are willing to accept new changes and work on whatever they are given and accept it as a new learning experience.

What distinguishes med-surge nurses from other specialty nurses is the intense level of coordination and the mindset they are inscribed into when they were learning. They never know what complex disease states their next patient are in, thus they are always ready and prepared for anything. The majority of their patients are the post-op patients. They are the communicator between the patients and the doctors.

Educational requirements on Surgical Nursing

Surgical Nursing

To be certified as a medical-surgical registered nurse, you need to apply for certification that is granted by MSNCB (the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board) – accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) and American Nurses Association (ANA). The first step towards being a med-surge nurse is to become a regular registered nurse (RN).

Some organizations require a master’s degree while some accept just the bachelor’s degree in Surgical nursing. Being certified med-surge nurses brings many benefits such as diverse career opportunities and high salary potential. This certification lasts about 5 years – and to be re-certified, you need to meet the continuing education requirements or pass an examination given by ANCC or MSNCB.

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