Creative DIY Gifts for Nurses

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DIY Gifts

Whenever we put a thought into giving a gift to someone, the first thing that pops into our mind is where we should buy it from! Sometimes we don’t have enough money or sometimes it doesn’t feel right to give someone a store bought gift. This is where DIY gifts fit perfectly.

There are many creative ways to show appreciation or say thank you. You can always try making something special with your hand and available homemade materials. This way will save you cost as well as the dilemma of choosing gifts in a gift shop. The only thing you’ll need is some time and effort. When somebody takes their precious time and effort to make something for you, then you can’t help but treasure it.

We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of some of the most creative gifts you can make for a nurse.

We’ve considered that no one is professional and no one is beginner, we tried to choose some of the easiest and fastest DIY projects in consideration of good quality.
Do check out the list below!

1. Customized Picture frame (Genre – coffee).

We all have that friend who is addicted to coffee or at least consumes it daily. And considering the nature of job of nurses’, their coffee intake is much higher than regular individuals.
What you can do is make a beautiful wall decoration out of their love for coffee. Just buy a picture frame, make sure it’s not too big or too small, put some coffee beans inside it and make sure it hangs on the wall in alignment. To make it more interesting you can print out the words “Emergency coffee supply in case apocalypse happens” and stick it on the front.

2. Gift Basket.

DIY Gifts

If you’re looking to give something simple yet it would give off a strong presence then gift basket would be the perfect option. Round up some cute and random things and put it in the basket. You can go for candies, chocolates, moisturizers, cosmetics, nursing badges etc. There is actually no end to what you can put there, think of what your fellow nurses like and put some of their favorite things there.

Arrange the basket in a way that it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye even if there aren’t a lot of things there. As a cherry on the top, put a cute thank you card attached to a donut saying “donut know what we’d do without you” (this is just out personal opinion, write whatever you want!)

3. Thank You Tumblers.

Even if you have zero artistic or crafty skills, don’t worry about it, just buy some transparent tumbler cups, make it sure it’s the right size, there are large and small ones, go for the medium ones, it looks good. Put some goodies inside, it can be stationary stuff, ornaments, lotion, candies etc. Put whatever fits inside then print out some relevant stickers, for example nursing stickers or medicine stickers, stick them on the cup. Print out a thank you card and attach it on the top with a ribbon!

4. DIY [Thank You Note].

If you have moderate to good drawing or crafting skills then you have the chance to make an artistic thank you card. Write down all your appreciation towards them in a card and draw something, you can use glitters and ribbons as well. Do remember, nothing is more heartwarming than some honest true words. If you want you can attach a donut with the card, on the donut write down something like “Donut knows what I’d do without you!”

5. Thank you nurse cookies.

If you have the knack for baking then use your talent to put up some wonderful nursing shape cookies! And if you don’t know how to bake there are thousands of tutorials on YouTube that shows you how to bake cookies, what you have to do is make the shape; it can be heart shaped, it can be even scrub shaped or if you want it more intense then organ shaped cookies! (Not recommended for everyone!)

6. Shower Bombs.

DIY Gifts

Here’s a secret – not too many people knows that you can make your own shower bomb at home, most people just buys them from departmental stores. Then why not just surprise your nurse with a homemade customized shower bomb! Shower bomb is one of the best relaxations, with its unique smell and bubbles, you cannot feel but get intrigued and get one yourself. There are hundreds of YouTube tutorials which shows how to make shower bombs at home, just make sure to pick a soothing scent.

7. Chill Pillow & knitted sweater.

If you are good at sewing and a bit crafty, then prepare yourself to make the most amazing chill pillow! What exactly is a chill pillow you might want to ask? Well it’s just a pillow whit “chilled” written on it, pillows are one of the coolest gifts out there especially if it’s handmade. If you’re done with chill pillow already then try making different kinds of pillows,

for example, the emoji pillows or the nemo pillows, just make whatever you feel like, just add a bit of creativity to it. Same goes for knitted sweaters, you can make your favorite nurse happy by sewing them a sweater of their favorite fictional character or you can make it nursing based as well. Just imagine someone wearing a buzz light-year sweater?! How cool is that.

8. DIY ornament for nurses.

Did you know you can make ornaments with just available homemade materials? Just gather some chalk and metal and some colors and mend it to make a cute heart shaped necklace or ear-rings or lockets.

9. Respiratory masks and surgical cap.

Buy some regular masks and cap and make it your own by customizing according to your preference. Use painting materials to color the masks and cap and colorful clothes if you want to sew some patterns or designs on it.

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